Fire Dawgs

Wild Fire

Within the Forestry club is an elite group known as Fire Dawgs. The club is an organization for students who are interested in Forestry and wildlife management and other natural resources.

Former Student Tyler Burleson
Tyler Burleson
Class of 2009


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Within the Forestry club of Natural Resource Ecology is an elite group known as Fire Dawgs.

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Natural Resource Ecology

A Natural Resource Ecology graduate works with the environment, managing forests, rangelands, streams and mountains.
You can tailor a plan of study to your individual career goals:  One year minimal qualifications; Two year Associates Degree; and our courses transfer to Universities nation-wide.

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What is the Job Outlook for my Major?

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 The demand for trained individuals in NREM is great. Plus, the career outlook for the future looks better than ever.  US Forestry Service, Wildland Fire Fighting, Fish and Wildlife Services, plus area states are always looking for National Resource personnel.

Will NEO Help Me Find a Job after I Graduate?

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Instructors and advisers can help you or show how to find the job you are looking for.

Job Opportunities

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Forestry Management
Wildlife Management
Wildland Fire Protection
Game Protection
Park & Recreation Management
Timber/Harvesting Management
Water Resource Management
Urban Forestry

“During my time at NEO I experienced a lot of great things.  I was involved in the Forestry Club where I met a lot of lifelong friends.   I was introduced into the Wildland Fire Program where I took classes and became certified as a Wildland firefighter. This was a great experience, because I was able to travel to Oregon and California on a “Detail.” While I was away, I made friends with some great people. I also learned about the jobs that are available in the fire world. Upon graduation, I transferred to Oklahoma State University with my previous certification from NEO; I applied for a program with the BIA and was accepted as a SCEP (student career employment program) student. This will lead to a full time position with the BIA. Overall my time at NEO was great. I am thankful for having had that opportunity. I also think the Forestry, Natural Resource, and Wildland Firefighting program is a great opportunity for all   students that may be interested in Natural Resource and Fire Ecology as a major."