Student drawing art project

Polar bear art project

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Art & Design

Student Art

Our updated Art & Design program gives
students a sound foundation and then
allows them to concentrate in either
Studio Art or Graphic Design.  Students
may develop their talent in drawing,
painting, and sculpture in small classes
that offer personal attention.  Other
 students may explore the dynamic
world of computerized design.  The Art
& Design program anticipates moving into
greatly expanded space which will allow
the study of ceramics and pottery. *

Career Opportunities

 Student Pencil Drawing

•   Artist
•   Cartoon Artist
•   Cinematographer
•   Digital Designer
•   Fashion Designer
•   Fashion Illustrator
•   Game Designer
•   Graphical Artist
•   Graphics Illustrator
•   Industrial Designer
•   Interior Designer
•   Product Designer
•   Visual Effects Artist


Butterfly and flower illustration

•   Drawing I
•   Drawing II
•   Design I
•   Art History I
•   Art History II
•   Introduction to Art
•   Introduction to Pottery
•   Watercolor I
•   Pottery II
•   Life Drawing
•   Design II
•   Sculpture I
•   Oil Painting I
•   Watercolor II
•   Oil Painting II
•   Special Problems