Aldridge, Jeff
Batt, Alan
Bradley, Dr. Michael
Dixon, Steve
Greuel, James
Grigsby, Dr. Mark
Huff, Melinda
Jones, Randy
Kellogg, Erin
Mayfield, Matthew
Patterson, Melissa
Rhode, JulieAnna
Sample, Shannon
Spradlin, Betty

Student Success Stories

    Clay Holt, Pre-Engineering,  2005
        Civil Engineer (OSU), Chisolm Energy, Oklahoma City, OK
    Samuel (Trey) Victor, Pre-Engineering, 2005
        Electrical Engineer (OSU), KOMA Power, Vinita, OK
    Joel Grigsby, M.D. , Pre-Med, 2000
        University of Kansas Medical School, 
        Anesthesia Resident, Case Western Reserve University Hospital, Cleveland,OH
    Craig Rackley, M.D. , Pre-Med, 2000
        Internal Medicine Fellow,  Duke University, Raleigh, NC
    Skye and Megan Petty, Pre-Med, 2000
        Dr. of Optometry, Northeastern State Univ.
        Optometrists, Bentonville, AR

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NEO Advantage

All of the science and math classes you enroll in at NEO will be small, with no more than 35 students per class  (most being no more than 20.)  Classes are taught by full-time teaching faculty, not graduate assistants.  You will have access to the instructors whenever you need help. You will also be advised by science and math faculty who understand the requirements for the degree you seek and can give you professional advice on which courses to take and alternative degrees if you change your mind. With the help of your academic advisor, you can complete all the classes you would take at a university, for half the cost.

After NEO

All of our graduates transfer to a university to complete a B.S. degree. Many of them will apply to a professional school such as engineering, pharmacy, physical therapy or optometry after one year at the university.  Many will complete a B.S. and then apply to schools of medicine or pharmacology.  Some will complete a B.S. degree and enter the workforce.  NEO graduates in math and science have been quite successful in being admitted to the professional school of their choice. We have several recent graduates that have become doctors, physical therapists, pharmacists, engineers, optometrists and dental hygienists.  Some have become science or math teachers and others have gone on to graduate school.

New NEO Science Buildings