Careers in Math & Engineering

The career options in the Engineering and Mathematics field are endless.  Engineers and Mathematicians work in all areas of society; some examples are:  
Actuarial Science
Mechanical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Marine Engineer
 Aerospace Engineer
Computer Engineer
Safety Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Nuclear Engineer


Dr. Mark Grigsby- Chair
Jeff Aldridge
Alan Batt
Dr. Michael Bradley
Steven Dixon
James Gruel
Melinda Huff
Randy Jones
Erin Kellogg
Matthew Mayfield
Melissa Patterson
JulieAnna Rohde
Shannon Sample
Betty Spradlin

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“By establishing a greater one-on-one learning environment within the classroom, NEO A&M College was able to provide me with a better understanding of advanced mathematical concepts utilized in most engineering practices.  This in turn, allowed me to focus more of my time studying the science behind engineering and not so much the mathematics during my continued education at Oklahoma State University.”

Clay Holt
NEO 2005 Graduate

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College paved the foundation for my college education.  The Math and Science program helped me to realize my future in mathematics.  At NEO, I had the opportunity to learn from the most exceptional math and science instructors who truly cared about my success.  I earned my BS in Mathematics and without my experiences at NEO I would have never found my true love…  Thank you NEO!!

Kristi Woolman Radebaugh
Pre-Engineering Major

Jeremy Randebaugh NEO and OSU Graduate I attended NEO for two years and transferred to OSU in 1993.  My experiences as a pre-engineering major at NEO gave me the solid foundation needed for earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from OSU and my Master’s Degree from Pittsburg State.  The instructors at NEO presented a great learning atmosphere and were the best instructors I had in all my years in college.  I loved NEO so much that I taught there for five years and I still serve as public address announcer for NEO football and basketball.  Once a Norseman, always a Norseman…and I’ll always be a Norseman!

Jeremy Radebaugh
NEO 1991-1993 (transfer)
OSU Class of 1996 (B.S.)
Pitt. St. Class of 1998 (M.S)