Demand for Technicians

Locally: Ceradyne & Umicore project hiring 10-20 operators/yr. for next 3-5 years

Coffeyville Refinery and anhydrous ammonia plant 10-20 new operators/yr.

Eagle Picher, Mars Petcare, Tamco, others

Oklahoma: employs 10,000 operators

Nationally:  600,000 job openings [gas, oil, chemical plants, power plants, etc. anywhere in the U.S. ]

The PTEC Program

Associate of Applied Science degree

Utilizes the curriculum developed by the Center for the Advancement of Process Technology – so it is recognized nationally

Pre-employment training to develop skills required for Process Industry – no experience necessary

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What does a Process technician or operator do?

Process technicians (or Operators) in manufacturing  are responsible for:
  • Insuring safety procedures are in place and practiced
  • Performing Process monitoring
  • Insuring quality of the product by conducting in-process inspections
  • Utilizes problem solving process to address safety, quality, delivery &  cost related issues
  • Communicates with other team members & supervisors as a part of daily shift start-up or on-going basis on ways to improve safety, quality, delivery and cost.
  • Performs daily preventive maintenance of the equipment & process
  • Conducts testing and sampling of the in process product
  • Collects & analyzes key production data
  • Participate in Continuous improvement activities

What is Process Technology?

Processes that take quantities of raw materials
and transform them into useful products.
Process industries are as diverse as:
  • Oil & Gas  (Production/refining)
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Water & waste water treatment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper & pulp
  • Ethanol production


Section A: Gen. Ed. Requirements: 18 Hours
Freshman Composition I
ENGL 1113

Freshman Composition II or Technical Writing
ENGL 1213 or ENGL 2333

American History
HIST 1493/1493

POLS 1113

PSYC 1113/SOCI 1113

Computer Proficiency
CS 1103

Program Requirements

Technical/Occupational Support: 15 hours selected from:

First Year Experience
FYE 1011

College Algebra

Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 1215

Business Ethics
BADM 2133

Introduction to Speech Communication
SPCH 2713


Course objectives and textbooks by CAPT

Introduction to Process Technology
PTEC 1003

PTEC 1214
Process Technology Equipment
PTEC 2124

Safety, Health and Environment
PTEC 2013

Process Quality
PTEC 2023

Process Technology Systems
PTEC 2134

Process Technology Operations
PTEC 2224
Internship in Process Technology
PTEC 1513