NEO is the only College in Oklahoma to offer 2 different MLT formats.
Choose the format that best fits your needs.
Hybrid-Classes on-line and on campus, lab work on campus
Distance-Classes on-line, perform lab work in a lab near you

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Students analyzing through microscope
Medical Laboratory Technicians are “scientists behind the scenes” of the medical care team.

They perform testing on blood and body fluids to assist physicians in detecting diseases and monitoring treatment.

Medical laboratory workers perform general tests in all laboratory areas: blood banking, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology, and urinalysis.

They work with medical technologists to hunt for clues to the absence, presence, extent, and causes of diseases.  These vital healthcare detectives assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment.  MLT’s use sophisticated instrumentation and technology, computers, and methods requiring manual dexterity to perform laboratory testing on blood and body fluids.

Where Can I Work?

Medical Laboratory Technicians are mostly employed in hospital laboratories but are also employed by physician clinic laboratories, reference labs, community blood banks, product manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies.