NURS 1001-1003  Nursing Special Problems 
1 to 3 credit hours

Designed primarily for adult education with credit varying from one to three hours.  May be taken more than once.  Maximum credit is four hours.

NURS 1111 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Fall only)
1 credit hour

Provides knowledge and skills of basic life support as outlined by the American Heart Association Basic Life Support – Health Care Provider guidelines. The student will receive certification as a BLS Health Care Provider upon satisfactory completion of cognitive and performance testing. 
Prerequisite: None.

NURS1119 Introduction to Nursing (Fall only) 
9 credit hours: Class 6 hours, Lab/Clinical 9 hours

Includes history and development of AD Nursing and legal/ethical aspects. Emphasizes basic human needs and common health problems. Introduces nursing process and the health illness continuum. A foundation in written and oral communication including medical terminology is integrated throughout the course. Beginning study of life cycle including healthy aging and the physical and psychological health problems of aging. Clinical focus on providing safe nursing care in hospital and extended care settings.
Prerequisite: BIOL 1414; Admission to nursing program.  
Concurrent course: BIOL 2114 or one of the other required biological sciences, PSYC  1113.

NURS 1121 Transition to Associate Degree Nursing  (Summer only)
1 credit hour

This course is designed to facilitate the student who enters the Associate Degree Nursing program in a non-traditional manner or articulation.  Content includes the philosophy and theoretical framework of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M  Nursing Program as well as the roles and competencies of the associate degree nurse.  Nursing skills will be evaluated at the level that the student enters the nursing program.  Also included is this nursing school’s format for data collection and form processing. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the nursing program with advanced standing

NURS 1219 Physical/ Mental Health of Adults and Children I (Spring only)
9 credit hours: Class 5 hours, Lab/Clinical 12 hours

A study of adults and children including normal growth and development throughout the life cycle as affected by common health problems. Explores the health care delivery system and the role of the associate degree nurse in the profession of nursing. Continues to explore the nursing process and the concepts of wellness. Clinical focus on assisting medical/surgical and pediatric clients to meet their basic human needs by providing safe nursing care in hospital and community setting. 
Prerequisites: NURS 1119, BIOL 2114, PSYC 1113. 
Concurrent Courses:  MCRO 2124.

NURS 2134 Physical/ Mental Health of Childbearing Family (Fall only)
4 credit hours: Class 2 hours, Lab/Clinical 6 hours

Comprehensive study of the family life cycle with emphasis on childbearing family human needs. Includes normal growth and development from conception to birth. Discusses ethical/legal dilemmas of nursing. Clinical focus on utilization of the nursing process in providing safe nursing care to clients throughout pregnancy, the birth process, the postpartal and new born period, in a variety of health care settings. Experiences are designed to expand the student’s understanding of complexity of family dynamics and the concept of wellness within the family unit. 
Prerequisites: NURS 1219, MCRO 2124.
Concurrent enrollment: PSYC 1603, NUTR 1113, and NURS 2135.

NURS 2135 Physical/ Mental Health of Adults and Children II (Fall only) 
5 Credit hours: Class 2 hours, Lab/Clinical 9 hours

Reinforcement and continuation of content presented in Physical Mental Health of Adults and Children Part I. Clinical focus on assisting clients in hospital and community settings to meet their basic human needs by providing safe nursing care, utilizing the nursing process to children and adults experiencing common health problems. Discusses current issues in nursing with emerging trends. 
Prerequisites: NURS 1219, MCRO 2124
Concurrent enrollment: PSYC 1603, NUTR 1113, and NURS 2134.

NURS  2249 Physical and Mental Health in Crisis (Spring only)
9 Credit hours: Class 4 hours, Lab/Clinical 15

A study of increasingly complex alterations in basic human needs caused by physical and mental health problems. Adaptive and maladaptive coping with life crisis is explored. Students utilize the nursing process in caring for clients in advanced medical/surgical, intensive care, acute and chronic mental health units. Includes leadership and management of nursing care for a group of clients. Emphasis throughout the course is on students’ perception of self and an awareness of how it effects their interactions with others. 
Prerequisite: NURS 2134 and 2135.  All remaining general education courses must be completed by the end of the semester.