General Education Requirements:  21 credit hours 

ENGL 1113 Freshman Composition I
ENGL 1213 Freshman Composition II
HIST 1483 or 1493 American History
POLS 1113 American Government
PSYC 1113 General Psychology
PSYC 1603 Developmental Psychology
Computer Proficiency*
*Computer proficiency can be met by achieving a grade of "C" or higher in CS 1103 Computers in Society (formerly MIS 2103 Computer Applications) or CS 2103 Computer Concepts (for students enrolled before Fall 2011), or by passing the computer proficiency examination administered in the Center for Academic Success and Advisementl. 

Technical Support Course:  15 credit hours 

BIOL 1414 Cellular Physiology (may substitute CHEM 1215 Principles of Chemistry I or CHEM 1314 General Chemistry I)
BIOL 2114 Anatomy and Physiology
MCRO 2124 Microbiology
NUTR 1113 Nutrition
Technical Specialy Core Courses: 36 hours (Requires admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program)

NURS 1119 Introduction to Nursing
NURS 1219 Physical & Mental Health of Adults & Children I
NURS 2134 Physical & Mental Health of the Childbearing Family
NURS 2135 Physical & Mental Health of Adults & Children II  
NURS 2249 Physical & Mental Health in Crisis
Deficiencies /Developmental Courses 

An additional semester or attendance in summer school may be needed to prepare students for college level courses as determined by readiness assessment using the ACT and/or Computerized Placement Tests (CPT).  Need for additional courses is determined at the time of admission to the College.  See  "Conditions of Entrance" for more information. 

Additional courses which may be required include:

ENGL 0123 Basic Composition
CIED 0133 Reading
MATH 0013 Basic Math, MATH 0113 Introduction to Algebra, and/or MATH 0123 Intermediate Algebra: Students deficient in math must successfully complete MATH 0123 prior to entrance into the nursing classes.  Students may be required to complete one, two, or three math courses, depending on assessment scores. 
Approved history course
FYE 1011 Freshman Year Experience

Graduation Requirements

Complete all required courses including general education, support, and nursing courses with a grade of "C" or higher.
Have a cumulative graduation grade point average of 2.0 or higher, based upon a 4.0 scale.
Remove all academic deficiencies as specified, including history if applicable.

Program Costs

Estimated Tuition Total: $14,172.60
(Based upon the following):
Per Credit Hour:      State Resident: $113.90    Non-Resident:  $276.90
Academic Service Fee $4.00 per credit hour        
Remediation Courses (additional $26.00 per hour if required by student):  1-12 credit hours for a state resident = $0-$1,726.80
General Education and Curriculum Support Courses:  36 credit hours for a state resident = $4,244.40
Nursing Courses (9 credit hours X 4 semesters):  36 credit hours for an Oklahoma state resident = $4,244.40
Online classes an $20.00 additional per credit hour
In addition to college tuition, the nursing student has the following costs and fees that are approximated and subject to change
General Student Fees  First Semester______   Second Semester___   Third Semester____   Fourth Semester____ 
Parking permit (per year) $50.00   $50.00    
Student ID $15.00        
Nursing Specific Fees          
Uniforms (3 sets) with name embroidery $130.00        
Nursing books and supplies $680.00 $221.00 $168.00 $200.00  
Liability insurance $15.50   $15.50    
Achievement tests (i.e., ATI) $268.50 $238.50 $238.50 $238.50   Z
Lab fees $30.00 $30.00 $40.00 $30.00  
Lab supply packet/kit $128.00 $43.00 $109.00 $96.00  
Watch, stethoscope, etc. $90.00        
Criminal background check $154.00 + additional states & names        
Physical examination  $60.00        
Heptavax Vaccine $150.00        
End of Program Fees          
State licensure       Oklahoma $88.50/Missouri $96.00
Criminal background & sexual offender check        Oklahoma $15.00/Missouri 45.00 
Licensure (state board) pictures        $25.00-30.00   
NCLEX testing & application fees for licensure $200.00
Nursing pin $67.00
Pinning ceremony uniform $30.00
Estimated Total Cost (per semester)
Approximate Total Program Cost as of 8/13 (prices subject to change):
          $8,488.80  (72 credit hours) + $1,726.80 (remediation hours if necessary) + $3,957.00 (additional nursing costs) = $14,172.60
Rev. 9/11/2013

See Application for other information.