How Do I Create Online Rooms within D2L?
Instructions for creating online rooms.
Written Instructions

1.  From the Navigation bar, Click on Online Rooms.

2.  Click the New Room button.

3.  Enter a Name for the Room.

4.  Use the Availability Dates to determine when the room will be available for use. 

5.  Set any desired advanced properties.

6.  Click the Add Attendees button.

7.  A new window will appear.  Select the desired participants from the Users, Groups, or All tab.  Click Add.

8.  Click Save or Save and Join. 

9.  Click the Rooms tab at the top of the screen to see a list of rooms.

10. Enter a room by clicking the blue title.  For more information on how to join an online room, please see this FAQ: How do I join an Online Room?