Online Rooms (Collaborate) Possibilities, Settings, and Options

This powerful tool has many options for instructional use.

Using Online Rooms (Collaborate)
Instructors may do the following with Collaborate:
  • Create online rooms for any length of time on any day: How Do I Create Online Rooms within D2L?
  • Join an online room: How do I join an Online Room?
  • Use audio within an Online Room
  • Use video within an Online Room
  • Show documents, images, and slide presentations within an online room session
  • Give quizzes within an online room session
  • Poll participants within an online room session
  • Share information in an online room session with participants 
  • Utilize the online room's Whiteboard with its many drawing options
  • Documents for Users

Available Settings
  • Make participants (people invited to online room) moderators within an online room session
  • Have participants raise their hand upon entering a session
  • Have all participants as moderators in an online room session
  • Give participants unrestricted access to resources
  • Allow moderators to view private chats
  • Send an e-mail notification to participants for online room session invitation
  • Allow participants to enter an online room session early

Other Options
  • Record an online room session and save it for later access
  • Have participants "raise hands"
  • Chat publicly or privately within an online room session
  • Show status and present or "step away" from a session
  • Have multiple pages within one online room session that can be moved back and forth from
  • Tour a website