Process for Online Course Development

Faculty seeking to develop an online course, must:

    1. Meet with the Department Chair to discuss your intentions.

    2. Complete the Proposal for Web Course Development form (you can download a copy of this form here).

    3. Fill out the form, attach any relevant documentation and circulate for signatures.

    4. Download and review the NEO online course rubric/checklist

    5. Circulate the Proposal for Web Course Development form for all required signatures.

    6. Review the NEO Distance Education Policy.

    6. Using the course rubric/checklist as a reference, begin developing your course.

To receive monetary compensation for developing the online course, you must have:

    1. not requested compensation for another course that same fiscal year. Because compensation is awarded from the Dobson fund, a faculty member can only be awarded compensation for one course per fiscal year.

    2. completely developed the course in its entirety with custom content. Courses consisting solely of publisher provided content is not subject to compensation.

    3. taught the course online for one semester.

    4. submitted BOTH the circulated Proposal for Web Course Development (with required signature) AND the Online Course Compensation form to the Distance Education Committee.

    5. had your course(s) reviewed and approved by the Distance Education Committee.

    6. received written notice from the Distance Education Committee notifying you that your request for compensation has been approved and forwarded to the VP of Academic Affairs.