How do I Earn Credits for Globally infused Courses?

Step # 1
The student must fill out the on-line application.

Step # 2
The student then takes the pre Global Awareness quiz.  

Step # 3
When the student is enrolling they need to inform their advisor that they are interested in enrolling in Globally Infused classes.
Step # 4
The student needs to get a grade of a B or higher in 18 hours of globally infused classes. The student is free to take globally infused classes above the 18 hours if they choose to.
Step # 5
The student must take the core 3-hour Global Studies class, GLST 1113   (included in the 18 hours of global classes) to earn the global transcript endorsement.   

Step # 6
The student will keep a portfolio that will contain examples of their global projects from each of their global classes.

Step # 7
The student then takes the post Global Awareness quiz.