Career Exploration

Participants are given an assessment to discover which career cluster alines the most with their interests, abilities, and work values.
Particpants are then encouraged to explore their options based on the education, training, and availability of that job based on their situation.
                          Explore the World of Work 

Below are some sites that can help with career exploration 
  For students and job seekers 
Easy to use search and career overview 
Web-based Interest Profiler 
      who am i where am i headed how do i get there 

  For students 
Create a  personal portfolio 
Online career cluster inventory 
For job seekers and workforce development 
Variety of search options 
Detailed occupation information 

  For students, job seekers, and businesses 
Explore careers, salaries, and training 
Sponsered by the US. Department of Labor 
            "Choose a job you love and you will never 
                       have to work a day in your life"

For students, job seekers, and businesses 
Describes hundreds of occupations 
Part of the Bureau of Labor Statistics