Work Experience Sites

City of Miami
NEO A&M College
Miami Chamber of Commerce
Ottawa County DHS
Ottawa County Child Support
NE Tribal Health Center
Ottawa Tribal Office
Miami Tribal Office
Miami Animal Welfare Society
Boys & Girls Club
Wee Ones Daycare
Miami Head Start
Washington Elementary
Craig County DHS
City of Vinita
Vinita Public Library
Vinita Senior Citizen Center
Grove Hospital
Monroe Manor
City of Jay
Community Action
Grand Lake Human Society
Delaware County Sherrif's Office

Job Readiness Assistance and Job Search

Employablility skills are taught through out the program and encompuss good work habits/attitudes, work experience, resume writing, interview techniques, and job search strategies so that the particpant will find success when searching for employment. 

Work Experience
Participants are placed at an internship site in order to gain hands on work related experience. This allows the participant to relate received training to the workplace and to address any workplace problems that might impact the participants success at employment. Every effort is made to ensure that the internship site correlates to the participant's career path and the training being learned in the classroom. 

"Before anything else, 
getting ready is the secret to success."

              Henry Ford
Resume Writing 
Your resume is a marketing tool, an advertisment, it convinces an employer that you have what it takes to do the job. HR Professionals and hiring managers spend an average of 10-30 seconds looking over a resume. Having a good resume can greatly improve your chances of landing the job.   

resumes for america
Online Resume Builder
Create a professionalresume.
Interviewing Skills 
Job interviewing is never easy. You are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don't know. Participants gain job interview tips, techniques, and advice to help prepare them to   interview effectively. Proper preparation includes practicing how to answer tough questions, participating and critiqing mock interviews, and how to dress for success. 

Perfect Interview
Practice interview skills  with a realistic "simulated interview"experience.
Job Search
When job searching participants are given a daily schedule that outlines which employers will be visited for purposes of completing an application. Allied JOBS staff ensures that the student is dressed appropriately and has the proper documentation before beginning their search
"The secret of success inlife is for a man/womento be ready for the opportunity when it comes"

                         Benjamin Disraeli
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