Man with moneybag of moneyMoney Matter$

"A fool and his money
are easily parted"


"Never spend your 
money before you 
have it"

             Thomas Jefferson  

No matter how young or how old, money matters and managing your money is crucial to financial happiness, stability, and self-sufficiency. Therefore, the Allied JOBS Program uses a variety of teaching tools to enstill good money habits

                               Money Matters:

An initiative of the Oklahoma College Assistance Program and the
Oklahoma State' s Regents for Higher Education Oklahoma Money Matters
 is a personal finance education program that provides educational
 services that empower participants to make good financial choices.
Learning Modules include:
Love & Money
Money Management
Auto loans 101
Transition to Independence
Saving & Banking
Successful Credit Use
Student Loan Management
                    Oklahoma Money matters

                                     FDIC Money Smarts:

The FDIC ,Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,  Money Smart
ls a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help
low and moderate income individuals and families enhance their
financial skills and create positive banking relationships

                  Learning Modules include:
Bank on it
Check It Out
Money Matters
Pay Yourself First
Keep it Safe
To Your Credit
Charge it Right
Loan to Own
Your Own Home
                   Money Smart