Partner Programs

Exceptional Direction United with Culture, Academics, Technology and Excitement  in Medical Education

DATES:   JUNE  8 – 13, 2014  

PURPOSE:    The  E.D.U.C.A.T.E. M.E.  Summer Academy is a residential camp for students entering the 9th and 10th  grade to introduce them to Health Care Careers.    This Academy will give 30 students the opportunity for an “inside” look on different Health Care Careers offered at NEO A&M College that include  Medical Laboratory Technician , Physical Therapy Assistant, Nursing, and PE/Athletic Training.  The Academy will explore how humor is used in healthcare.    It also includes a cultural aspect with an American Indian Day during the week learning about traditional American Indian healing methods.        Students will learn with hands on activities in each of the Health Care disciplines and will tour a local hospital.  They will also experience what living on a college campus while living in the dorms, eating in the college campus cafeteria and attending classes in our Health Care laboratories and classrooms.     

ELIGIBILITY:   Students entering the 9th and 10th grades in the Fall of 2014 and live in the state of Oklahoma are eligible for this program.    Student must be interested in a health care career but not necessarily  only in a discipline offered during the Academy.  For example, the student may be interested in becoming a doctor, pharmacist, radiology tech, etc.    

TUITION:   The E.D.U.C.A.T.E. M.E. Summer Academy is offered at no cost to the student except for their personal transportation to and from the Academy.     Student driving is not permitted once on campus, all transportation is provided for outside activities.  

HIGHLIGHTS:   The Academy provides activities each evening.    Some highlights of the Academy include: 

  • • Bowling
  • • Touring the historic Coleman Theater (possibly with a visit from a ghost or two) 
  • • Hospital tour 
  • • Swimming 
  • • Volleyball
  • • American Indian Dance Exhibition  

LODGING AND MEALS:   Students will be assigned to rooms in a designated dorm.  All E.D.U.C.A.T.E. M.E. Summer Academy students will be housed in the same dorm.   The Dorm will be divided into a Male hall and Female Hall with a central Commons area .      Snacks will be provided throughout the Academy week and students may also use the vending machines (for cost) for additional selections.  

A laundry facility is located in the dorm if needed (for cost).     Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided in the Campus cafeteria with a variety of selections.    Transportation to outside activities will be provided by the NEO Campus Bus with a designated NEO approved driver.  

NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE:    You will be notified with the email address provided on your application, so please check your email address to ensure it is correct.   You should be notified of your acceptance into the E.D.U.C.A.T.E. M.E. Summer Academy around the middle of April, 2014.     Once accepted into the Academy, you will receive paperwork for registration completion.    Complete and return the paperwork as soon as possible to confirm your acceptance.     Should you become unable to attend the Academy after you have accepted a space, please notify us immediately so we will be able to allow another student to attend.    

CAMP SCHEDULE:   The Camp Schedule  and activities will be posted to this site when it is completed.    

VISITATIONS AND PHONES:   Parents are invited to attend all activities, however, please notify us ahead of time who will be attending and how many as you will need a security pass.    No visitors will be allowed in the dorms with the exception of parents or guardians and only with a security pass.     Students will not be allowed off campus at any time with the exception of outside activities with the Academy.     Cell phones may be used during evening activity time only.   NO phones will be allowed during class time.