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Native Ways of Knowing at NEO

Native Ways of Knowing: Let Me Count the Ways

By: Warner, Linda Sue. Canadian Journal of Native Education, 2006, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p149-164, 16p

Native Ways of Knowing Videos

Videos used with permission from Mr. Ray Barnhard and Mr. Oscar A Kawagley through the Alaskan Native Network. These videos may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the copyright holder. 

     NWOK Lesson 1 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 2 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 3 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 4 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 5 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 6 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 7 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 8 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 9 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 10 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 11 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 12 (Mac)
     NWOK Lesson 13 (Mac)

Tribal flags in front of NEO Dorms

What is Native Ways of Knowing at NEO

At NEO Native Ways of Knowing honors the cultural heritage of Northeastern Oklahoma in the NORSE Tradition by asking each of us to take pride in our heritage, and encouraging us to share what we know in a way that is experiential, participatory and fundamental. We will engage in a constructive learning process that encourages authentic exchanges, instructive demonstrations and an opportunity to focus on important life applications, not just methodology. NWOK will emphasize the virtues that honor both the students and instructor as part of a never-ending circle of wisdom to be shared. 

Learning Objects

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
NWOK Workshop PowerPointJennifer Arana 7/23/20123.69 MBDownload
NWOK Inservice Presentation 8-14-12Jennifer Arana 8/14/20126.00 MBDownload
Map Analysis Comes In SightJennifer Arana 6/25/201273.54 KBDownload
Sacred PlacesJennifer Arana 12/5/2012425.42 KBDownload
Stereotypes PowerPointJennifer Arana 7/23/2012535.45 KBDownload
Standard Proofreading SymbolsJennifer Arana 7/3/201285.65 KBDownload
Sample Logic ModelJennifer Arana 6/25/2012851.56 KBDownload
Culturally Responsive PedagogyJennifer Arana 12/5/20124.87 MBDownload
Composition Peer EditingJennifer Arana 6/25/201277.71 KBDownload
Battle of Washita MapJennifer Arana 7/3/20121,005.45 KBDownload
Dr. Nancy Fire NWOK PresentationJennifer Arana 12/18/2013UnknownDownload
Logic Model-Peer EditingJennifer Arana 6/25/2012859.68 KBDownload
Logic Model Comes in SightJennifer Arana 6/25/2012870.03 KBDownload
Effective Online Advising: Best Practices For Improved Communication & ConnectionJennifer Arana 12/18/2013UnknownDownload

Dr. Nancy Fire Presentation