Petty Cash POs

Effective August 11, 2009, the Petty Cash Purchase Order limit was increased to make purchases up to $75.00.  

Petty Cash Purchase Orders will be issued in lots of fifteen Purchase Orders to the individual departments by the Business Office.

It is the department’s responsibility to retain a log of the Purchase Orders issued to the various vendors.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Sharon at extension 6224 or

New Figures

When submitting your requisition, it is important that the Vender FEI Number or Social Security Number be indicated.  These numbers are required for the processing of our purchase orders and vendor invoices.  They are also used in reports which are required by the Office of State Finance.  Your cooperation and help will be appreciated.

The following will be required to be attached to all requisitions coming to the Business Office:

1. Amounts $0-$2,500; must have quoted date/name of the person giving
quote/phone number of vendor (there is a place for this on the front of the
requisition). If you have a hard copy quote or e-mail, please attach.

2. Amounts $2,500-$5,000; Two (2) written/signed/dated quotes (on Vendor forms).

3. Amounts $5,000-$10,000; Three (3) written/signed/dated quotes (on Vendor forms).

4. Amounts $10,000-over; Attach any quotes or list of your suggested vendors (with FEI number, phone and fax). You can use the continuation form also found on the NEO web/forms for this list. OSU Purchasing handles these bids and any specifications you need attached must be on the continuation sheet.

5. Amounts $35,000-over; require OSU/A&M Board of Regents approval.  Please contact the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs at least two months prior to the next monthly Board meeting with all the information regarding your request.

Quotes would not be necessary if items are on the State Contract and you have the contract number on the requisition.

(Exception:  On OSU Dell Computer Contract, a hard copy quote must be attached to the requisition.) Board approval would still be necessary on items over $35,000.

These written quotes can be faxed to you from the Vendor and while you have the Vendor on the phone, this is the opportune time to request their FEI Number (Federal Tax ID #).

Please feel free to call Sharon Grigsby in the Business Office (Ext. 6224) with any questions on how you obtain these quotes.