How to Place an Ad for an Open Position

You will need:

Ad will be placed through OKCorral, which will be handled by Human Resource Office clerk.

Job Description: Contact Beverly Arnold for a copy of the current Job Description on file if you wish to review or make changes. All changes to Job Descriptions must be approved by the appropriate VP and HR Director.

Personnel Request: Fill out complete with requestor’s signature and signature of the Department Chair. The President’s signature will be acquired by Personnel after the document is approved by the HR Director.

Committee Member List: A list of all who have been asked to serve in the selection process. The Committee Chairperson is responsible for picking up the new applications from the Personnel Office.

Position Filled/Accepted: This form is to be filled out completely after interviews and when position is offered and accepted. The position will be canceled on the website(s) only after this form and the Request for Personnel Action form are received in the Personnel Office.

Due to the high cost of advertising, a small ad that includes only the title of the position, information regarding the website and contact person/phone number will be used. If a larger ad is desired, it must be approved by the Department Chair and the VP for Fiscal Affairs. You should allow a minimum of 5 days in order to get all documents finalized and approved. All full time positions must be posted on the website and bulletin board. It is recommended that all positions be posted for a minimum of 3 business days. Part-time positions may be announced on campus only. All positions will be included on the NEO webpage under Employment Opportunities.

All employment applications should be collected and shredded by the Committee Chairperson after an applicant has been chosen.

If you have any further questions, please call Beverly Arnold, Ext 6216.

Thank you,

Evan J. Jewsbury, MS
Human Resources Director
NEO A&M College
(P) 918-540-6378