EthicsPoint at NEO

What is the NEO Confidential Reporting System?

NEO has selected EthicsPoint to provide easy ways to discreetly and confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of NEO polices. By using the system, we can work together to address fraud, abuse, misconduct, and other violations, while helping to cultivate a positive environment. Addressing misconduct and other concerns early on will help minimize negative morale issues and financial impact to NEO employees, vendors and students.

How to File a Report

The System is carefully designed to allow you to maintain your confidentiality when submitting and following up on a report. Step-by-step instructions guide you to help ensure that you do not inadvertently compromise your identity. There are nine reporting categories:
  1. Financial – Accounting, auditing, or financial matters,
  2. Research – Issues dealing with the University’s research programs,
  3. Human Resources – Misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or other working conditions,
  4. Athletics – Misconduct or violations of NEO policies or NCAA regulations,
  5. Risk and Safety Matters – Environmental, public safety, or working conditions or concerns,
  6. Medical – Issues related to the NEO student health services,
  7. Information Technology – Data privacy or integrity, inappropriate use of technology, software piracy or copyright infringements,
  8. Academic/Student Affairs – Issues dealing with students or academic affairs,
  9. Other – Other issues that do not seem to fit in the above categories.

Reporting is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Step 1: Access the System: Click on the EthicsPoint Icon from various NEO internet sites and be linked to the secure Web site. Click on “File a Report.” or Go to from any computer with Internet access (home, public library, neighbor, etc.) Click on “File a Report.” or Call Toll-Free 1-866-294-8692. A compliance specialist will assist you in entering your report into the EthicsPoint Reporting System.
  • Step 2: Complete a Report Follow on-screen compliance specialist’s instructions.
    1. Specify the kind of report you would like to make from the list of issues.
    2. Read or listen to the anonymity information carefully to ensure you do not compromise your identity during the reporting process. Click on or say “I agree.”
    3. Complete the report, providing information about the incident:
      1. Who was engaged in the incident, including titles;
      2. What specifically occurred;
      3. Where was the location of the incident;
      4. When and how long has the incident occurred.
    4. Create a password to go with the identification code called a “Report Key” generated by the System. Write them both down, and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to follow-up, review or amend your report.
  • Step 3: Follow-Up 72 Hours Later Return to the System (using the NEO network, internet or toll-free telephone number) to see if NEO has any follow-up questions or requests.
    1. Log in to follow-up on your initial report providing your Report Key and Password.
    2. If you accessed through the Toll-Free Phone line, a compliance specialist will assist you in reviewing report details, responding to questions, and add information:
      1. Review you report by clicking on “Review Report Details”
      2. If NEO has questions, type answers into the question box and click “submit.”
      3. Add information by using the “Submit New Information” box.

What to Report?

Situations, events or actions by individuals or groups that you believe may have a negative impact on NEO or may be detrimental to personal safety, morale, or productivity. Frivolous or unfounded reports do not help foster a positive workplace. If you are uncertain if a situation violates company policy, is illegal or constitutes harassment or discrimination, please consult your supervisor, advisor, or other appropriate representative to obtain clarification. NEO guarantees that reports will be handled promptly and discreetly with facts made to those who need to know to investigate and resolve the matter. No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential breaches of NEO policies or seeking guidance with respect to suspected concerns. Reports will be given careful consideration by NEO.

Questions? Call Human Resources at (918)-540-6378.