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NEO Press Releases


The President’s Partners program at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO), purchased $4,000 worth of iPads to make recruiting more efficient and simple. Prospective students first tested the iPads during High School Night, a major recruiting event for the college held earlier in January. NEO staff switched from manually filling out recruitment cards to electronically filling out recruitment cards, which streamlined the process significantly. 

“President’s Partners are happy to support technology initiatives on campus,” said Jennifer Hessee, executive director of the NEO Development Foundation. “Our recruiters cover a lot of ground and visit with thousands of student each year, so providing them with the tools to recruit efficiently is key.”

Information that would take much longer to complete on a card is now substantially cut in half, thanks to technological advances that seem to take place every day. High school students may now submit their information on the iPad Air using the online contact card. It is then uploaded into a spreadsheet, which NEO recruiters record in their contact management software.

“The speed in which we contact these students is dramatically improved because once we upload their information into our contact management system, they will receive an email usually the same day,” said Scott Donaldson, asst. vice president of student affairs and director of recruitment.


From left: Lou Berry, President’s Partner, Scott Donaldson, asst. vice president of student affairs and director of recruitment, and Jessica Powell, NEO recruiter

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