Academic Warning System Codes

A. Too many absences—-see instructor NOW
B. Too many absences--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
C. Too many absences + missing assignments--see instructor NOW
D. Too many absences + missing assignments--FINAL WARNING
E. Too many absences + missing exam--see instructor NOW
F. Too many absences + missing exam(s)--FINAL WARNING
G. Missing exam--see instructor NOW about the possibility of make up
H. Missing a second exam--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
I. Missing assignments--see instructor NOW about possibility of make up
J. Missing assignments--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
K. Too many missing assignments and/or exams--see instructor NOW
L. Too many missing assignments and/or exams--FINAL WARNING
M. Repeated tardiness--disruptive to class--plan to arrive on time
N. Repeated tardiness--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
O. Current grade is a D--see your instructor NOW
P. Current grade is a D--FINAL WARNING—consider dropping
Q. You are failing--see your instructor NOW--consider dropping
S. Missing lab or clinical--see instructor NOW
T. Missed a lab or clinical--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
U. Poor lab/clinical performance--see instructor NOW
V. Poor lab/clinical performance--FINAL WARNING--see instructor NOW
W. Falling behind in this web course—-contact instructor NOW
X. Falling behind in this web course—-FINAL WARNING
Y. No problem yet, but please visit your instructor
Z. You seem to be struggling.  How can I help?