Alumni/Development Foundation Campaigns

Support 2-2020 Endowment Campaign

In 1998, the Board of Directors of the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college Development Foundation, Inc., committed to the 2-2020 endowment campaign the objective of raising and earning a general endowment fund of $2 million before NEO celebrates its 100th birthday in the year 2020. The endeavor will benefit hundreds of new students and will help create a secure future for NEO, for surrounding communities and ultimately for our country.

The $2 million endowment would provide a minimum of $125,000 per year to support students scholarships and special projects such as faculty and staff development, technology/telecommunications advancement and community and economic development.  Currently, the Foundation provides support for 100 students per year but with the endowment, we would be able to support more than 500 students per year!

Directors of the NEO A&M College Development Foundation Board are asking for your pledge of support for this vital endowment campaign. Members of the Board have made a commitment that will provide $30,000 during the first five years from their own contributions.  But your active support and pledge is needed too. Please help us see that future students realize their dreams.

Contributions made to the NEO 2-2020 Campaign will be invested so that earnings will be realized as we continue to strive toward our $2 million goal.  Please be as generous as you can with your initial gift and with your pledge over the next several years.  Together, everyone achieves more!

This campaign project was designed to develop long-term stability for NEO in terms of student scholarships.  It is an investment in the future of the college and our communities.