Founder's Day

The NEO A&M College Founder’s Day Awards celebrate the visionary spirit of Oklahoma State Representative James S. Mabon, who served in the Oklahoma Legislature from 1913 – 1923 and was instrumental in the founding and establishment of this college.  To honor his memory and continue the exciting work of building the college, each year NEO faculty, staff and students, as well as members of the Miami community are encourage to submit proposals for the Founder’s Day Awards.

Proposed ideas should honor Rep. Mabon’s commitment to building and improving NEO A&M in both big and small ways.  Ideally, submitted projects will request funding amounts of $200 - $2,000. 

Note: Funded projects will be chosen by a committee of campus representatives and all decisions are final.  If a project is not selected, please consider resubmitting it in the future.  Limitations on available award money should not be interpreted as a comment on the quality of an idea.  Selected projects should be documented with photographs (before and after where applicable) for publicity purposes.


1.       Ables Hall Rose Garden

2.       Free training in Microsoft Office Suite – available to faculty, staff & students

3.       Sponsorship of Flags along the mall

4.       Paint/repair of the gazebo outside the Student Union

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to the NEO A&M College Office of Public Relations.


Founder's Day Project Proposal Form