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I now have items uploaded and ready to go on D2L. Please visit your course's homepage if you need assistance or copies.

This was Halloween 2012. I was not able to wear the prosthetic nose, but I still had a pretty good suit.
 The Penguin, from Arkham City.

This is an interesting portrayal of Wonka. Much closer to the book.

A Fractured version of Alice in Wonderland

"You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?"

I am originally from Joplin, MO where I earned my BA from MSSU; I moved to Springfield, MO and attended MSU's graduate program in English earning my MA.

Though my major field of study in graduate school was medieval English literature and history, I also had two minor areas: Children's Literature and Composition Studies. I have spent the last 5 years teaching writing in various parts of Chicago and now in Miami, and I love it. I plan to continue my education in the future and go for the PhD. in Composition and Rhetoric.  My research is focused on the writing classroom now, but I still explore and try to keep up with medieval literary scholarship.

I teach Basic Composition, Comp I and Comp II, and American Indian Writers (Spring Semester only).

I am a big fan of the Batman movies and comic books; I love the music of Elton John, Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, Ozzie Osborn, REM, Queen, and many others like them. I am a fan of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, and  I have taught small, unofficial classes on Tolkien and Arthurian stories. I love the idea of fractured fairy tales and enjoy film versions and literary versions of the concepts i.e. Alice in Wonderland (2010), Wicked, Once Upon a Time (television), and many others like these.

My hobbies include medieval history, the origins and mythos of the early christian church, hookah, cooking for friends, and relaxing with a good book. I also collect toys (collectors figures). Oh, and I LOVE Halloween!!!!

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Organizations and Club Sponsorships

NEO now has an LGBT Organization.
 If you have any questions about this group, please contact me via email,
 or visit us on Facebook at

Meeting Time: Mondays at 3:30p.m.
in Shipley Hall room 125
Please bring friends, supporters, and anyone interested in helping us give to the community.

Our projects include Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas Angels, Homecoming, and other upcoming surprise fundraisers.

Reference materials are available in the library. Simply ask the reference desk for the
catalog of sources for the group.

Because of low interest in the last semester, the LGBT & Friends student group is taking a break for the Fall of 2014. If you are interested in restarting the group, then please come by and see me.

Hey, guess what, you can now find me on All you have to do is look up NEO and select my name. Yes, it's just that easy.  (Be Gentle)

"In this life, there are only two tragedies: One is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it" Oscar Wilde


More to come ladies and jellyspoons

I am an animal lover. I have a cat right now (a rescue from a kitten), but I have enjoyed the company of many types of animal friends. I have raised an opossum from a baby. He was a rescue from a parking lot, and he made a very good pet.

Don't believe me? Here he is.

I also have an antique fish tank that is finally in use. I have several varieties of fish. I do hope to obtain another smaller tank in the future; I have to see how this one works out first. More to come on that one.

My maternal grandparents, at one time, had cattle. I have been around cattle and horses a majority of my life, but I have not really had the courage to interact with any of them. I find horses to be very beautiful and noble creatures, and I would like to, in the future, explore the pastures at NEO (under supervision of course).

Well, as stated above, my field of study was Medieval Literature and history. I do read history books for enjoyment, but I do also enjoy the medieval/Tolkien style books as well. I am a sucker for an Arthurian style story (this actually includes the Harry Potter series). I have many different versions of King Arthur written over a span of many centuries.

My bookshelves at home are populated with a variety of styles, authors, and genres. I read almost everything but western style novels.

Dt. Mountain Dew is my one true vice. This makes a good offering to the English gods.


"Would you like to see my mask?"
Research is discovering those dirty little secrets people hide behind.

I love teaching writing and watching as people unravel things about what they hold most dear.

Only when we question everything about a belief can we truly say we believe it.

"The things one feels absolutely certian of are never true" - Oscar Wilde