Enrollment Requirements

Financial aid is initially awarded based on the assumption that students will be enrolled full-time.  If you are enrolled less than full time, your aid package will be adjusted to reflect your current enrollment status.  All of your aid will likely be effected. Enrollment status is checked each semester prior to disbursement of funds.  Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive Stafford loans.  Pell grants are available for any enrollment status, but students with a higher EFC that are eligible for funds at half-time may not be eligible if enrolled less than half-time.

Semester Full-Time 3/4 Time 1/2 Time Less than 1/2 time
Fall & Spring 12 or more 9-11 Hours 6-8 Hours 5 or Less
Summer 6 or more 4-5 Hours 3 Hours 2 or Less