Understanding Your Award Letter

Your award letter lists all of your awards as of the date of the letter.  You do not need to accept any gift aid, such as grants or scholarships, but you will need to accept or decline any loans you have been offered.  If you are using the Student Web Product to view your awards you can accept or decline your awards online.  Simply follow this instructions on the Web Product and submit your response.  If you receive a paper award letter, follow the instructions on the letter, sign, and return the letter to the Office of Financial Aid.  Any loans not accepted within 30 days will be canceled.  If you wish to reinstate your loans after they have been canceled you will need to contact the Office of Financial Aid.  Whenever you receive additional aid you will receive a new award letter.  You may or may not have to respond to the new award letter, but we will send you one either way.  For more information see Receiving Additional Resources.