How much is tuition at NEO? 
NEO is the third most affordable two-year college in Oklahoma.  Tuition and fees for 2008-09 total $81.05 per credit hour. 

What does your student need in order to enroll? 
When your student comes to enroll, you need to:

  1. Bring a completed application for admission.  The application is available HERE
  2. Bring your child’s high school transcript and/or college transcript
  3. Bring your child’s ACT or SAT scores
  4. Bring your child’s immunization records

If my student needs financial aid, what is available? 
NEO offers many scholarships that may help students cover the cost of tuition, housing and/or text books.  Detailed information about all of the scholarships available for NEO students is available HERE.  Financial aid from the federal government is also an option.  Visit to start this process.  The NEO Office of Financial Aid recommends printing out the dates and deadlines for scholarship and financial aid applications HERE.  NEO personnel are available at (918) 540-6235 or e-mail for assistance.

How does my student select the appropriate classes? 
An academic advisor will be assigned to your student when your student applies for admission.  This individual will ensure that your student is enrolled in the proper courses for his or her major and has completed all the necessary requirements to graduate.

NEO Graduate and Parents

Is help available if my child is struggling academically?  
NEO students always remark about how helpful their instructors are.  NEO faculty strive to give one-on-one assistance to their students.  Class sizes are small and will probably mirror the size of your child’s hometown high school classes.  Your child will not get lost amid the crowd.  If additional assistance is needed, NEO has labs for mathematics, English, reading and science.  NEO also participantes Student Support Services, which offers additional tutoring and college success skills to those who qualify. 

What has NEO done to help protect the safety of my child? 
The NEO campus is patrolled 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week by the NEO Police Department.   Your child may sign up for CodeRed, a system that sends out a text message and/or voice mail if campus ever becomes unsafe.  Once your child has applied for admission, they can sign up for CodeRed at

 Why does my child need to live in a residence hall? 
NEO is the largest two-year residential college in Oklahoma.  The college requires that single students under 21 who have a permanent address more than 50 miles from the NEO campus live on campus in a residence hall.  There are exceptions to this policy, including students who are older than 21, students with children, veterans, and students from another country.  NEO established this requirement because living on-campus provides opportunities for the many experiences that complement an academic career. In the residence hall, students meet new friends and enjoy a wide variety of social, recreational and cultural activities.