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Admission Application
Financial Statement
Housing Contract
I-20 Application (SEVIS)
Mailing Address
Medical History
Statement of Understanding

Use this CHECKLIST to be sure you have included all documents required for admission. 

International Students

Thank you for your interest in Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. NEO’s mission is to provide opportunities that promote excellence in learning, service and leadership. That mission extends to our students from around the world who make up an important part of the intellectual and cultural community in northeast Oklahoma. Below you will find all the information you need to begin your educational journey at NEO. Please be sure to follow all instructions completely to ensure your admission to NEO.
In order to attend NEO A&M College as an F-1 Visa student, the following information must be completed and on file in our Admissions Office. Once we receive the required documentation we will issue you an I-20 form which you must take to the consulate for your Visa. Send all the completed forms and required documents to:
International Programs  
NEO A&M College 
200 I Street NE 
Miami, OK 74354
The International Student application deadline is August 1st for the Fall Semester and December 15th for the Spring Semester.

The following original signed documents (no faxes or emailed scans will be accepted) are required to process your application to become an NEO A&M College student. An I-20 form can only be issued if you follow these instructions and fill out your application carefully. Note: Be sure you complete all application dates in the [month/date/4 digit year] format; for example August 6, 1983 is written 08/06/1983.
·       Application for a SEVIS I-20
·       NEO International Student Admission Application
·       Preliminary Financial Statement (must be signed by a bank official & include all awarded scholarships)
·       NEO Housing Contract (plus $90 USD deposit)
·       Statement of Understanding
·       Medical History Form
·       Mailing Address Form (please print)
·       Official sealed transcript from your high school or U.S. college (date of graduation MUST appear)
·       Record of immunizations (vaccinations) you have received (VERY IMPORTANT)
·       Satisfactory scores on the TOEFL or TOEFLiBT 
Acceptable scores on the TOEFL include:
An official international TOEFL report with a score of 500 (computer 173), or an official TOEFLiBT report with a score of 61, OR
An official international TOEFL of 460-499 (computer 140-172) or TOEFLiBT of 48, AND A certificate of completion from a 12 week intensive English study program. (click here for a list of Oklahoma State Regents approved programs)
International students from countries where English is an official language may not be required to submit TOEFL scores.  If you attended an English-speaking high school, a Certificate of English Language Instruction validated by a school official is required and students from these countries will be assessed by NEO’s standard entry Computerized Placement Tests (CPT).
International students who are planning to enter specialized medical training programs at NEO may be required to take the ToEFL iBT (internet Based Test) which contains a speaking and listening component. Required minimum scores on the TOFELiBT may be higher for admittance to the NEO Nursing, Medical Lab Technician, or Physical Therapy Assistant programs. Contact these programs directly for additional information.
(While the TOEFL test is the preferred English language proficiency test at NEO, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores may also be accepted. Please contact NEO International Programs at 1-800-464 6636 for more information.)
*** NEW *** All submitted High School transcripts MUST include a date of graduation.  If your graduation date does not appear on your transcript you will need to get a letter from your high school on official letter head and signed by a school official that states your date of graduation in the Month/Date/Year (MM/DD/YYYY) format.

Students who have previously attended college outside the United States will need to contact World Education Services to have their college transcripts evaluated for academic transfer.  Students must designate NEO (Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College) as the recipient of the finished evaluated transcripts so that the school registrar is notified of WES account creation and status. (Evaluated transcripts sent directly to students will NOT be accepted.)  The cost of the service is the responsibility of the student.  Go to for additional information.

NOTE: An I-20 document will NOT be sent by NEO until transcripts have been submitted and a verifiable account created with World Education Services.
You are strongly encouraged to live in campus housing where residence hall rooms are available. If you chose to live on campus you should complete the following: International Student Housing Application. You will be required to make a housing deposit of $75.00 for the residence halls. These fees are in addition to any tuition or academic fees assessed. The deposits should be enclosed with your application.  Note: During holidays the NEO campus will shut down and all dorms will be closed. 
Note: The Financial Statement required for admission must show assets of at least $14,000 USD per year (regardless of the actual cost incurred) and be signed by a bank official, in order to document to USICE the applicant's ability to support themselves while studying in the United States.  If a student has been awarded any type of scholarship (athletic or private) that scholarship must be listed on the Financial Statement or it will not be reflected on the I-20 document.

Students must have the full amount of their first semester’s tuition and fees (including a mandatory meal plan, textbooks and miscellaneous costs) paid at the NEO Business Office before they will be allowed to enroll. Each subsequent semester’s expenses must also be paid in full before you will be cleared to begin classes. If your tuition and fees are not paid by the first day of the semester your classes will be cancelled.   Payments may be made with cash, a cashier’s check, money order or by wire. The approximate cost of attending NEO is $7,000.00* per semester (As of January 2009). This is based on tuition for 15 credit hours, room and board for a double occupancy dorm room (shared with another individual), a meal plan of 18 meals per week from the NEO cafeteria, various required college or program fees, transcript costs, estimated textbook prices, and miscellaneous charges. Your individual cost may be higher or lower depending factors such as course load, housing choices, personal expenses, etc.   If you have any questions or would like a more accurate estimate of costs based on your individual education and living plan you may contact the NEO Business Office at 1-800-464 6636 or (918) 540-6222. 
NEO A&M College International Incoming Wire Information:
Bank Name                    Bank of New York
Swift Code                     IRVT US 3N
Further Credit                The Bankers Bank OK
Account#                      8900610980
Further Credit                The First National Bank & Trust Company of Miami
Account Number            10175
REF:                             State of Oklahoma NEO A&M College
Account:                       10339178 
You may enter the U.S. up to 30 days prior to the beginning of school, however the NEO Dorms will not open until the weekend before school starts.

STEP 1 – Report to International Programs located in the Library / Learning Resource Center located in the Library Administration building. You will need your passport, I-20, and I-94.
STEP 2 – Take your completed application documents to the Office of Admissions to be processed.
STEP 3 – Complete Computerized Placement Tests (CPT Testing) to determine your initial placement in various courses.  If your scores are deficient, you will be placed in noncredit, remedial classes. This may add course work to your schedule and require additional semesters for completion.
STEP 4 - You will be assigned an advisor in your major who will enroll you as a student at NEO.
International students are required to undergo Tuberculosis (TB) testing within 10 days of arrival on campus. An appointment with NEO’s school nurse will be scheduled immediately and persons with a positive TB result must undergo further screening at the Ottawa County Health Clinic. This may include a chest x-ray. Prophylactic medication and follow-up exams may also be required, as determined by the Ottawa County Health Department.
Students who do not meet this requirement, or if necessary, who do not undergo subsequent screening or follow prescribed treatment regimes may be prohibited from attending classes, will be blocked from registering for the subsequent semester, and will not be allowed to apply for a Social Security card until such time as they are determined to be of no public health risk (e.g. contagious).
You are allowed to work on campus only, but not more than 20 hours per week. Without an EAD or special work permit you are not allowed to work off campus. Jobs cannot be guaranteed but can be acquired with persistence. Do not assume you will be given employment or expect to use supplementary any income for your tuition or room and board. Contact International Programs for further instructions on how to apply for a Social Security Card and obtain a Social Security Card Verification Form.
Students who wish to apply for OPT training (to work in an area directly related to their field of study) may apply with the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service. 
Please be aware that NEO’s International Program does not furnish transportation to our campus in Miami, Oklahoma and will not be responsible for picking students up at the airport, bus terminal, etc.   If you are a student athlete, a coach or member of the athletic booster program may agree to transport you to campus, but this is by no means guaranteed. Please be sure to make prior arrangements for getting to Miami from your arrival point. 

End of the Semester Departures -- International Students should NOT purchase plane tickets with departure dates prior the last day of their final exams; instructors will not allow students reschedule exams for an earlier date/time in order accommodate transportation plans that conflict with the published semester schedule.   All students should plan to attend class throughout the entire semester, including final exam week. 
Remember, International Students studying in the U.S. on an F-1 Visa are required to enroll in and complete a full-time course load each semester. Any and all exceptions to this, whether for academic, medical or personal reasons, must be documented and approved by NEO International Programs prior to finalizing enrollment or dropping classes. 
Associates of Arts Degree & Associate of Science Degree
Course work at NEO is accumulated by the number of credit hours you take per semester. For example, if you take five classes in one semester and each one offers three hours of credit, you will have accumulated a total of 15 credit hours at the end of the semester.   A semester is comprised of 16 weeks; there are two semesters per year and four semesters in two years, which is the average amount of time it takes to graduate with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree. Upon graduation you may transfer to a four-year university and complete the remaining two years of a Bachelor’s degree.
Associate of Applied Science Degree
NEO also offers Associate of Applied Sciences degrees and certificates. These are commonly referred to as terminal degrees. When you complete the degree you are finished with your coursework. NEO offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in: Nursing, Computer Science, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Marketing Management and Farm and Ranch Management.
 If you are currently attending another institution in the U.S. as an F-1 Visa student, you will need to have your SEVIS record released to NEO after you’ve met the requirements for admission. Please talk to your current International Student Advisor about transferring to NEO as soon as possible. You will need to submit the following documentation:
International Application for Admission [.pdf]
·       NEO Transfer Form – signed by your current International Student Advisor
·       A copy of the VISA stamp located in your passport
·       A copy of the I-94 in your passport
·       A copy of the I-20 issued by your current school
 If you wish to transfer to another school or if you are pursuing further study in the United States after NEO, you must notify the International Student Advisor so that your SEVIS record can be released to the new school. You will then receive a new I-20 from your new school.         

In accordance with federal law, the NEO International Student Office will not communicate about a students application, admission or enrollment at NEO A&M College with anyone other than the student applying.   Students should use their own personal email addresses when contacting the school.


When you arrive at NEO you should report to NEO Housing and if you are a student-athlete please report to your coach.  All international students will need to take CPT tests (College Placement tests to determine their academic readiness and course selection in the CASA.  By the end of the first week of classes report to the International Student Coordinator in the Library to get registered in the SEVIS database; bring your passport, stamped and signed I-20, and your dorm assignment.  Students who fail to report for registration may be auto-terminated by the SEVIS system, dropped from classes and required to return to their country of origin.

The Climate of Miami, Ok - Temperatures can range from above 100¡ F (38¡C) during the Summer months (June – August) to below freezing (32¡F or 0¡C) during the Winter (December– February). Annual snowfall is around 7 inches, but during recent years Miami has seen up to a foot of snow and even a few ice storms. With such a range of temperatures and weather conditions it is advisable for international students to be prepared for cold weather with heavy coat and waterproof shoes with good traction. During Spring and Autumn a light jacket is usually adequate. Summers in Miami are hot and humid.

Please note: the NEO Dorms closed own completely during semester breaks and the holiday period between semesters.  International students will not be permitted to remain on campus during these times and the cafeteria will not be open.  Please be sure you make arrangement s for your room and board during those times.
If you have any further questions please contact International Programs at (918) 540-6393.   Toll free, dial 1-800-GO-GO-NEO (1-800-46-46-636) and ask for International Programs