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Student Bookstore

The Bookstore, located in the Bruce G. Carter Student Union, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 
New and used textbooks, supplies and equipment, sundries, clothing, pennants, jewelry, decals, etc. are for sale in the Bookstore. 

Return Policy for Refund Books

If you drop or change a course or buy the wrong book(s), you may return  the textbook(s) for a full refund if:

   1.  You have not written in the book(s).

   2.  You return the book(s) within the first ten days of class.

   3.  You have an appropriate drop notice.

   4.  You accompany the return with the register receipt for all consumable purchases.

   5.  Your book(s) are in the same condition you bought them (no marks in new books).

   6.  Your check has cleared the bank (if you have paid by personal check).

ALL refunds will be CREDITED to your school account unless paid with a credit card. NO cash refunds.

Buy Back Services

At the end of each term, Nebraska book distributor provides buy-back services for used textbooks through the NEO Bookstore.  Nebraska  provides buy-back information to buy books from students at a percentage of the original price if the Buy-Back Services books are in salable condition and will be used again at the college. If a book has been discontinued at NEO but is still current, you may sell it to the wholesaler at the catalog price. 


Q. Why are my textbooks so expensive? 
A. On the average, 64.8% of the sticker price on new books go back to the publisher, mostly to cover development of the book and normal business expenses. The author gets about 11.6% in royalties. The freight company that shipped the book gets 1.2%. Which leaves the bookstore with not much left.

Q. Do I have to buy my books at the college bookstore? 
A. No, unless your books are special editions.

Q. What are my options for payment? 
A. Cash, check, debit card, or if your financial aid has been completed you can charge. 

Q. What about buying used books? 
A. This option is open if used books are available for the required edition.

Q. Do you rent books?  
A. No

Q. How do I know what books I need? 
A. Once you have registered, and enrolled into classes you will receive your student ID #. You can go to the NEO website and log in to your web product. Access your schedule and when the textbooks have been loaded you can see the books that are required.

Q. What and when is buyback? 
A. Buyback is held at the end of first semester in December and last semester (end of school year), the buyback times will also be listed on the Bookstore Web page.

Q. Can I return my textbooks? 
A. Yes, at buyback time books can be returned for monies depending on our Nebraska warehouse buyback needs.

Q. How much will my books cost?

A. By viewing your detailed schedule online. Click here or from the NEO homepage click the "web product" link and log in using your email and password. From the main menu choose "detailed student schedule" then click on the link "view book information for this class" (Make sure you have pop-ups enabled for this site.)