Ivan Crossland Sr. Football Complex

Football Complex


Players' lockers are second-to-none. These custom finished, spacious lockers are comparable to lockers used in many professional football team facilities.


The showering facilities are completely tiled and spacious enough for large bodies.

War Room

Strategy and game planning are an integral part of football. Coaches at NEO work from this centralized location with all the technology needed to prepare them for excellence.


Both Offense and Defensive units have their own meeting rooms. Each room is identical and ideal for weekly preparations and film watching.


The equipment room in the Crossland Complex is spacious and organized.


The Crossland Complex hosts a first class wight-room, designed and stocked with equipment comparable to similar facilities at Division I Universities and Professional Football Teams. Each station is equipped with a Power Lift set of free-weights. Personal storage lockers are available for players, and 50" LCD monitors are installed on the walls.

NEO A&M Football! Call 918-540-6310 from Branden Hart Media, LLC. on Vimeo.