Special Programs

NEO understands that some students entering or returning to college may have special needs. NEO's special programs are designed for those who need specific assistance or programs while pursuing their education.
Continuing Education

Adult students may find the Department of Continuing Education a helpful resource in receiving assistance in preparing for entry into college. 

Call (918) 540-6204.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This office serves individuals with disabilities whose impairments are barriers to employment. These services may include financial assistance, reader services, durable medical equipment, and other disability related needs. 

Call (918) 542-4716.

Physically Challenged Student Association

The main function of the P.C.S.A. is to educate the college population and to serve as a support group for physically challenged students. The college is currently bringing its facilities into ADA compliance which will further serve the needs of the physically challenged. 

Call (918) 540-6236.


Assistance with Veterans educational benefits for eligible students is provided by the Veterans Coordinator. Veterans are provided information on benefits for their selected programs and certification is made to the Veterans Administration. 

Call (918) 540-6211.

Native Americans

Students of Native American background may obtain assistance with their education through this office. 

Call (918) 540-6350.