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Focus Programs

Criminal Justice

NEO’s Criminal Justice Program provides a foundation for students wanting to enter the criminal justice field. A solid educational foundation is essential in any field of study, but especially in criminal justice where a person’s liberty may be dependent on the interpretation and application of law. NEO’s instructor(s) bring numerous years of field experience to the classroom and share real-life illustrations of the criminal justice system at work.

Early Childhood

At NEO we work very hard to ensure that a student who attends could complete all the basic courses needed to move directly into a 4 year university and into an education program. Many education programs require classes such as sociology, speech and geography as pre-requisites, all of which can be taken at NEO in a smaller classroom atmosphere and for less money. We also work to offer basic child development classes and lab experiences that help a student to be sure this is the career path for them before accumulating too many credit hours. We are the only 2 year college in OK with a lab school for students to gain experiences.

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