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Distance Education

Distance classes at NEO

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College offers a selection of distance courses for students to take in addition to the face-to-face classes taught on the Miami campus and off-campus locations. NEO now offers several academic programs fully online including Business Administration, Business Administration Technology, General Studies, Pre-Nursing, Elementary Education, Psychology and Sociology, Social Sciences and Early Childhood Education. 

Distance courses are offered via the internet and hybrid modalities using Canvas, a personal learning environment. Our distance courses are based on guiding principles that are student-focused and learning-centered. Distance courses teach the same competencies and provide the same rigor as courses taught face-to-face in the classroom. You may contact your advisor or view the class schedule for a current list of courses offered at a distance.


  • The presentation of the material. Instead of attending lectures and having in-class discussions, the course content is presented through a learning management system where web pages, audio/video lectures, discussion boards, and other instructional technologies assist to deliver the course content.
  • The way you interact with your instructor and other students in the online course. In an online course, you will typically interact through communication tools provided for your course. These tools might include discussion boards, feedback from submitted assignments, and email.
  • The total learning experience. While you will cover the same material in the same amount of time as students in a traditional classroom setting, you may spend less time with your instructor and other students and more time learning on your own. However, you can be sure that your learning experience will be no less demanding.
  • Taking an exam from a distance. At least one major exam must be a proctored exam monitored either by the instructor or by an approved proctor. You may be offered an opportunity to take proctored tests on campus with your instructor or proctored through an online proctoring platform, ProctorU. View the ProctorU web page to learn more and to view pricing.

Access the Student Guide to Online Services to apply for admission, find the minimum technical requirements for distance courses, locate additional student resources, and answer other frequently asked questions regarding Distance Learning at NEO.


NEO GOLD (Guidance for Online Learning and Discovery) program is designed to provide students new to the online learning environment with an experienced mentor who can help them navigate the new territory. Mentors are students experienced at taking online courses. The mentor is available to answer questions, provide resources, and offer encouragement to the members of the group. Mentors and participants will communicate on a regular basis.

Online Learning

Online Learning

Distance Education
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Joy Bauer Instructor & Project Director Title III

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