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Purchasing Textbooks

Textbook Information

To locate information on the required materials for your class, go to the Textbook Information webpage. Follow the “find your textbooks” instructions. You may purchase textbooks through the NEO College bookstore or other sources of your choice.

Purchasing textbooks from the NEO Bookstore

From a Distance

If you choose to purchase textbooks from the NEO Bookstore online, you will go to the required textbook, following the instructions on the Textbook Information webpage. You can order the textbook directly from this site. If you want to use your federal financial aid to pay for your textbooks, select “financial aid” when requested. This option is available beginning the week prior to the start of the semester through the college’s add/drop period.

At the NEO Bookstore

You may purchase textbooks in the NEO Bookstore beginning the Monday before classes begin each semester.

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