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April 19, 2024 in

Nursing, Allied Health, and Physical Education

Location 200 I ST NE, Miami, OK
Job Status Full-time
FLSA StatusExempt
Reports ToDirector of Nursing/Department Chair of Nursing, Allied Health & Physical Education
Amount of TravelMinimal
Work Schedule40 hrs. week, M-F
Position SupervisedN/A

Job Description


The position requires that the instructor teach a full load of courses as assigned by their supervisor.  Release time and or contact hours may be considered when assigning an instructor’s teaching load.  A full load is defined as 30 credit hours per year dependent upon release time earned through other assignments. 


  • Teach assigned courses in accordance with catalog descriptions and approved syllabi, revising official syllabi when necessary
  • Teach evenings, off-campus, or through distance education delivery systems, if necessary
  • Maintain competency in assigned instructional areas
  • Maintain necessary academic credentials
  • Comply with all appropriate academic standards as set forth by the accreditation agency of the college, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the Board of Regents for Oklahoma State University and the A&M Colleges, the College, and the particular programs
  • Create and maintain a professional Web page on the College Website with appropriate faculty bio, contact information, and teaching/office schedule
  • Participate in selection of Textbooks/Learning materials for courses taught
  • Demonstrate satisfactory performance related to curriculum development to ensure that courses and programs meet current standards, are reviewed regularly, and provide evidence of necessary assessment practices
  • Promote a positive learning atmosphere within the classroom by maintaining order, demonstrating multiple approaches, employing appropriate technology, attending promptly to individual needs, and conducting class regularly and punctually
  • Maintain a sound system of student evaluation, demonstrating fairness in grading and protecting the integrity of all evaluation tools
  • Keep accurate records and promptly submit all requested materials to appropriate administration
  • Participate in the Department’s/Program’s efforts to assess learning
  • Post and adhere to an approved schedule of office hours for advising, enrolling, and tutoring students
  • Use all forms of academic warning frequently and consistently to enhance student success and retention
  • Observe all accepted policies and procedures when enrolling students
  • Support College functions which include, but are not limited to, assemblies, commencement, enrollment sessions, in-service workshops, honors banquets, etc.
  • Support College events which may include, but are not limited to, concerts, activity events, luncheons, dinners, etc.
  • Assist Department Chair/Director of Nursing in the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff
  • Support Departmental programs including meetings, training, program reviews, etc.
  • Actively recruit prospective students, both traditional and non-traditional (aggressive recruiting may be mandatory to ensure the viability of some of the College’s programs)
  • Academically advise students (specifically related to a student’s academic assessment and placement, academic major and appropriate plan of study, enrollment, and intervention) when necessary
  • Academically counsel students (specifically related to career and transfer guidance, referral to instructional resources, etc.)
  • Interact with appropriate external audiences (alumni, community, private sector, etc.) to raise awareness of specific projects of the College in need of support (donations of funds, contributions of other assets, etc.)
  • Maintain a professional attitude, cooperating with administration, faculty, staff, students, and community, and following accepted channels in all official campus communication
  • Support the vision, mission, and goals of the College
  • Accept other related work responsibilities as assigned


  • Evaluate students in classroom, laboratory, and clinical setting
  • Assist students in accomplishing necessary skills for nursing competency
  • Facilitate student learning during clinical experiences
  • Maintain record system of student evaluations and student advisee folders
  • Keep abreast of current professional research and trends particularly in specialty area
  • Participate in curriculum development, implementation, evaluation, and revision
  • Maintain currency and competency in assigned clinical/theory content
  • Work with the community to support goals of the College
  • Coordinate clinical assignments


  • Master’s Degree in Nursing
  • Two years full-time equivalent experience in clinical nursing as a Registered Nurse within five years of first teaching position
  • Valid license to practice as a registered nurse in the states of Oklahoma and Missouri


  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite
  • Physical demands include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Motor skills – gross and fine motor abilities to provide sufficient safe and effective nursing care
    • Lifting and proper body mechanics – lift minimum of 50 pounds and utilize proper body mechanics
    • Hearing – auditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs
    • Visual – visual acuity sufficient for observation, assessment, and delivery of nursing care
    • Tactile – tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment

Resumes or other supplemental material cannot be substituted for any part of the application.  Application can be found online at http://www.neo.edu/employment-application. Please submit it along with your resume or mail to:  NEO A&M College, Human Resources, 200 I Street NE, Miami, OK 74354. AA/EOE

The College has reviewed this job description to ensure that essential functions and basic duties have been included.  It is intended to provide guidelines for job expectations and the employee’s ability to perform the position described.  It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities.  Additional functions and requirements may be assigned by the supervisors as deemed appropriate.  This document does not represent a contract of employment, and the College reserves the right to change this job description and/or assign tasks for the employee to perform, as the College may deem appropriate.

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