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February 2, 2024 in

Upward Bound

Location200 I ST NE, Miami, OK
Job StatusFull-time Temporary
FLSA StatusNon-exempt
Reports ToDirector of Upward Bound
Amount of TravelTBD
Work ScheduleSee below
Position SupervisedResident Assistants

Temporary position for the following dates:

  • Training and In-Service will be provided.
  • Upward Bound Summer Academy begins Tuesday, May 28th Thursday June 27
  • The Upward Bound Summer Academy will be as follows:
    • (Residential Advisors will be required to check in by 3:30 p.m. every Sunday)
    • Tuesday, May 28th– May 30th Day activities (only RAs living on campus)
    • Sunday, June 2nd – Thursday, June 6th
    • Sunday, June 9th – Thursday, June 13th
    • Sunday June 16th -Thursday, June 20th
    • Sunday June 23rd, Thursday June 27th
  • Summer Trip (not all RA’s will be required to attend)
    • Wednesday, July 10th – Saturday, July 12th

Annual Salary:

$2,400- PLUS Room & Board (additional pay for Chaperoning the cultural trip)


The Upward Bound Program at NEO A & M College is seeking energetic student leaders to live and work with participating high school students as residential mentors. Upward Bound is a program designed to encourage high school students to develop the academic skills and motivation necessary for success in post-secondary education. The participating Upward Bound students will live on campus during the five week program and attend intensive academic courses and personal developmental activities. As role models and enforcers of program policy, residential mentors will work as a team to maintain a safe living and learning environment in which to guide and engage with student participants.

All fees associated with evening/weekend activities will be paid for by the Upward Bound Program including room & board (food) for the residential advisors.

  • Residential advisors must live on campus in a dormitory provided by the Upward Bound program from May 28th – June 27th. (excluding Fridays and Saturdays)
  • In-Service training will be required to attend on Tuesday May 28th 9:00 am  
  • Residential advisors may be required to attend the end of summer trip starting on July 10th – July 12 (additional payment will be provided).
  • Residential Advisors may NOT be taking traditional college courses during this period due to the intense nature of the program. Online courses may be acceptable but must be approved by the Director.

Qualifications and Experience Needed:

  • Two years of college course work junior/senior level college student or graduate student preferred
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated experience as a leader, working in a team, supervising peers
  • Previous experience in planning, organizating, coordinating, implementing activities
  • Previous experience working with high school students & residential setting preferred
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage an on-call schedule
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to needs of economically and educationally disadvantaged youth
  • Preference to individuals who have backgrounds similar to the target population
  • Preference to individuals that can provide tutoring in core courses such as math, science, and English.

Job Duties:

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Supervise Upward Bound residential advisors
  • Responsible for overseeing and implementation of group activities.
  • Maintain RA schedules and notify the UB Director of any changes
  • Facilitate check-in and check-out of residents.
  • Supervise general cleaning and maintenance of residence halls.
  • Plan, moderate, and supervise engaging activities for high school students.
  • Provide tutoring in appropriate subject areas.
  • Participate fully in all indoor/outdoor activities, sports events, and exercise regimens.
  • Provide supervision of disadvantaged high school schools by creating a positive and safe environment (Occasional night duty will be required)

Other duties as assigned by the Upward Bound Director

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