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The Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) livestock judging team returned from their first three contests this semester placing in the top two at every one. “These students have worked very hard and deserve to be successful. We have had a great start to the year ending with Champion and Reserve titles at every contest, but we still have work to do,” said Head Coach Tyler Dewey. “I can’t wait to see the growth and potential in both of these teams.”

For their first contest, the team traveled to Kansas to judge at the Flint Hills Classic contest in Manhattan, Kan. The team judged classes of sheep, swine, and cattle and gave reasons.  NEO was well-represented at the contest. The sophomore team dominated all divisions. The team took fourth place in swine and first in cattle, and they placed third overall in reasons. The sophomore team took home Reserve Champions at the Flint Hills Classic.

Flint Hills Classic sophomore rankings:  Sheep- Brody Cridlebaugh– ninth place.  Swine- Dylan Davis–first place, Natalie Hofschulte– second place. Cattle- Clay McGuire–third place.  Reasons- Dylan Davis –eighth place. The NEO freshmen placed ninth overall and third in reasons.

Flint Hills Classic freshmen rankings: Cattle- Morgan Case– ninth place.   Reasons- Amber Cox– ninth place, Mikela Fringer –10th place.  With about 12 colleges represented at this contest, NEO took home the top titles.

Next was the Texas State Fair. The sophomore team took second in beef, sixth in reasons, third in sheep and sixth in swine, and second high team overall. Texas State Fair sophomore rankings:  Overall- Clay McGuire– first place, Cole Kaufman—10th place.  Cattle- Clay McGuire –first place, Wes Henry –14th place. Sheep- Clay McGuire –third place, Cole Kaufman –12th place. Swine- Dylan Davis– ninth place, Chelsea Ellington– 12th place.  Reasons- Dylan Davis –seventh place, Clay McGuire –12th place.  The NEO freshmen took fourth high team overall, fourth in swine, fourth in sheep, and third in reasons.

Texas State Fair freshmen rankings:  Cattle- Katelin Hyman –third place, Anneke Carr– seventh place. Sheep- Morgan Case –eighth place. Swine- Deekota Williams– second place, Kyle Christian –eighth place, Emily Voris –13th place Reasons- Emily Voris –third place, Anneke Carr –seventh place.   The teams competed with approximately 14 different colleges from across the nation.

The last contest was Tulsa State Fair. The sophomore team ended up first overall and took third in cattle, first in reasons, first in sheep, and fourth in swine.  Tulsa State Fair sophomore rankings:  Overall- Jake Pickering –third place, Cole Kaufman– seventh place, Dylan Davis –tenth place, Natalie Hofschulte –11th  place, Clay McGuire –13th place.  Sheep- Clay McGuire –fourth place, Jake Pickering– sixth place, Cole Kaufman –tenth place.   Swine- Jake Pickering –first place, Natalie Hofschulte– second place, Morgan Scroggin– 11th place.  Reasons- Dylan Davis– second place, Clay McGuire– fourth place, Jake Pickering– sixth place.   The freshmen took fifth overall and sixth place in cattle, fourth in reasons and second in sheep.

Tulsa State Fair freshmen rankings:  Overall- Mikela Fringer– eighth place, Emily Voris –13th  place.    Cattle- Katlin Hyman –second place, Mikela Fringer –fourth place.  Swine- Emily Voris –seventh place, Kyle Christian –11th  place, Anneke Carr –13th place.  Reasons- Emily Voris –eighth place, Anneke Carr –11th  place, Mikela Fringer– 14th place.  The team’s next contest will be the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. on Friday, Oct. 31.

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