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Summer Hours

NEO is open 7am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday, closed Friday.

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Final Exam Schedule

Click here to download a pdf version of the schedule

  • Exams are to be taken at the time and the day outlined below. There are no exemptions from final examinations.
  • Students must take the exam at the designated time.
  • Classes that meet only one or two days a week will use the corresponding class time (i.e., a Monday and Wednesday class will take the final exam at the same time as the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class).
  • First 8-week classes will take the final exam during the last scheduled day of the class.
  • Second 8-week classes will take the final exam at the time designated on the table below.
  • Four-week classes will take the final exam on the last scheduled day of the class.
  • The instructor will notify the students of the day, time, and location of the final exam for an online course.
  • All other final examinations are to be taken as outlined below:

*Night Course

Regular Class Days/TimesDay of Final ExamTime of Final ExamRoom Number
MWF 8:00 a.m.Monday8:00-9:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 9:00 a.m.Wednesday8:00-9:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 10:00 a.m.Monday10:00-11:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 11:00 a.m. Wednesday10:00-11:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 12:00 p.m.Monday1:00-2:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 1:00 p.m.Wednesday1:00-2:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
MWF 2:00 or 2:30 p.m.Wednesday3:00-4:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
TR 8:00 or 8:30 a.m.Thursday8:00-9:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
TR 9:00 or 9:30 a.m.Tuesday8:00-9:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
TR 10:00 or 10:30 a.m.Monday3:00-4:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
TR 11:00 or 11:30 a.m.Tuesday10:00-11:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
TR 12:00 or 12:30 p.m.Thursday10:00-11:50 a.m.Regular Classroom
TR 1:00 or 1:30 p.m.Tuesday1:00-2:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
TR 2:00 or 2:30 p.m.Tuesday3:00-4:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
M* 4:30 p.m. or laterMondayRegular Class TimeRegular Classroom
T* 4:30 p.m. or laterTuesdayRegular Class TimeRegular Classroom
W* 4:30 p.m. or laterWednesdayRegular Class TimeRegular Classroom
R* 4:30 p.m. or laterThursday3:00-4:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
Other days/times (prior to 4:30 p.m.)Thursday1:00-2:50 p.m.Regular Classroom
*Evening classes that meet more than one evening a week can take the final exam on the evening selected by the instructor from the choices above. i.e., A Monday/Wednesday evening class can take the final exam on Monday or Wednesday evening.

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