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Summer Hours

NEO is open 7am - 5pm, Monday - Thursday, closed Friday.

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All charges are per semester hour unless noted otherwise. Student fees are subject to change as set forth by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Fees may vary from those represented at the date of this web page update.

General tuition and fees

As of 01/18/2022

Oklahoma ResidentNon-Resident
General Tuition Fee$99.00$99.00
Out-of-State Tuition Fee*$205.00
Mandatory Fees** (see drop down menu for details)$64.75$64.75
Total Per Semester Credit Hour$163.75$368.75

*Out-of-State Tuition Fee waivers are available for qualifying students.

**Mandatory fees

Oklahoma ResidentNon-Resident
Student Activity Fee$25.00$25.00
Student Assessment Fee$2.00$2.00
Student Technology Services Fee$10.50$10.50
Library Automation & Materials Fee$1.65$1.65
Student Government Fee$2.00$2.00
Student Union Fee$11.50$11.50
Intramural Fee$1.00$1.00
Facility Fee$8.35$8.35
Infrastructure Fee$2.25$2.25
Student Health Fee$0.50$0.50
Total mandatory fees (included above)$64.75$64.75

Other fees and charges

As of 07/06/2022

Academic Service Fee$4.00 per semester hour
Advanced Standing Exam (departmental)$5.00 per semester hour
Remedial Courses/Developmental$40.00 per semester hour
Music Lessons$60.00 per semester hour
Extension course fee, off-campus courses, Excluding Grove Center$20.00 per semester hour
Internet course fee, online courses$40.00 per semester hour
Campus maintenance fee, on-campus courses$40.00 per class
Degree completion fee – first time, full-time freshman$150.00 two semesters
Student ID card$15.00
Parking permit$50.00 annual
Fees assessed per course
CourseLab FeeFacility Fee
ACCT – Computerized Accounting$20
AG – Agriculture Capstone$15
AG – Rodeo Activities$10$40
ANSI – Introduction to Animal Science$20$25
ANSI – Live Animal Evaluation Courses$10$25
ANSI – Meat Animal & Carcass Evaluation Course$10$25
ART – Studio Courses$10
BIOL – Science Laboratory Courses$15
CHEM – Science Laboratory Courses$15
CLS – College Life and Success Courses$10
CRJU – Criminal Investigation Course$15
CS – Computer Application Courses$20
CS – Computer Networking Courses$20
CS – Computer Programming Courses$20
CS – Information Assurance Management$30
ENVR – Science Laboratory Courses*$15
EQNE – Equine and Livestock Sales$15
EQNE – Equine Selection Courses$10$15
EQNE – Equine Health and Disease Course$15$15
EQNE – Horsemanship Courses$40
EQNE – Horseshoeing Courses$40
EQNE – Introduction to Equine Course$15
EQNE – Equine Reproduction Courses$40
EQNE – Equine Training Management Courses$30$40
FRCD – Child Development Course$15
FRCD – Foundations in Early Childhood Course$15
FRMT – Beef Production Course$5$25
FRMT – Breeding Management of Farm Animals$30$25
FRMT – Farm Animal Health Course$15
FRMT – Feedlot Management Course$30$25
FRMT – Livestock Production Courses$25
FRMT – Livestock Selection Courses$10$25
FRMT – Live Animal Evaluation Courses$10$25
FRMT – Pasture & Range Management Course$15
FYE – Freshman Year Experience Courses$10
GEOL – Science Laboratory Courses*$15
HHP – Care and Prevention Athletic Injuries$5
HHP – Community First Aid Course$15
HHP – Lifeguarding Course$30
HHP – Water Safety Training Course$30
LEIS – Weight Training Course$30
MCAG – Introduction Engineering in Agriculture$15
MLAT – Laboratory Courses$15
MLAT – Clinical Courses$10
MUSC – Band Courses$40
MUSC – Broadway Cabaret (vocal) Courses$30
MUSC – Chorus – Concert Choir Courses$15
MUSC – Norse Sound Prep Band Courses$15
NURS – Health Assessment$35
NURS – Introduction to Nursing$70
NURS – Transitions to Nursing$25
NURS – Nursing Care of Childrearing Family$35
NURS – Medical-Surgical Nursing I$105
NURS – Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family$35
NURS – Medical-Surgical Nursing II$140
NURS – Mental Behavior Health Nursing$35
NURS – Transition to Professional Practice$70
NURS – Nursing Care of Patients with Multi-system Disorders$35
NURS – Fast Track Expanded Transitions$25
PHYS – Science Laboratory Courses*$15
PTHA – Laboratory Courses$30
PTEC – Instrumentation$20
PTEC – Safety, Health & Environment$50
PTEC – Process Technology I$50
PTEC – Process Technology II$50
PTEC – Process Technology III$50
SOIL – Fundamentals of Soil Science Course*$15

Online courses including an * next to their name are excluded from lab fees associated with in-person courses.

Housing and meal charges

Resident hall rates per semester

Traditional Residence Halls – Double occupancy, per person$1,150.00
Traditional Residence Halls – Single occupancy$1,675.00
Milligan Hall (Quad)$1,750.00
4-Bedroom Suite$2,175.00
2-Bedroom Suite$2,395.00
Housing maintenance fee$154.00
10 Meal / $100 Flex Cash$1,390.00
14 Meal / $125 Flex Cash$1,775.00
19 Meal / $75 Flex Cash$1,912.00

Note: Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a 14-meal plan or 19-meal plan. Students who live in the Suites may choose the 10-meal plan.

Summer housing

Summer school students are housed in the Student Housing Complex. Summer room price is $600 per session. There are two sessions for summer housing.

Important to note
  • Prices are per semester pending Board and Regents approval.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.
  • Smart Cards will not operate and you will not be charged for food service during school breaks.
  • Norse Bucks may be used in the Cafeteria and Galley.

Online course test proctoring

Online courses may incur additional test proctoring costs ranging from $15-50 per test depending on the location and proctoring options.

Auditing classes

Auditing classes without credit are charged regular tuition and fee rates.

Health Science program fees and charges

Health science programs have additional fees and charges for students admitted to the programs. The estimated costs are available on the individual program webpages: medical laboratory technician, nursing and physical therapist assistant.

Refund of enrollment fees

This institution’s Refund Policy is established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Changes in schedule and complete withdrawals from this institution before or during the Add/Drop period will result in full charges for courses added and full credit (refund) for courses dropped. No refunds will be made after the Add/Drop period of a semester/session except as stipulated by the Federal Government for Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid recipients.

Add/Drop Period
16-Week SemesterFirst Two (2) Weeks of Class
8-Week SessionFirst Week of Class
4-Week SessionFirst Two (2) Days of Class

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