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(Photo from left: Hanna Brown – Agriculture Instructor at Morrison, OK; Zack Rendel – Ottawa County Producer; Terry Jurgensmeyer – JM Farms & Service Solutions; Blayne Arthur – Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture; Dr. Kyle J. Stafford – NEO A&M College President; Greg Leonard – Ottawa County Producer; Lauren Crudup – Attorney; Sonny Booth – Auctioneer)

President Kyle Stafford and the NEO Agriculture Department recently welcomed Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur as well as several area professionals in the agriculture industry for a roundtable discussion focusing on careers in agriculture.

In addition to Secretary Arthur, the round table featured Terry Jurgensmeyer of JM Farms & Service Solutions, Sonny Booth of Booth Auctions, Attorney Lauren Crudup, Morrison High School Agriculture Instructor Hanna Brown, and area producers Zack Rendel and Greg Leonard to demonstrate the diversity of options for students pursuing agriculture careers. “This round table was part of an Agriculture Capstone course available to our students,” said Agriculture Department Chair Dr. Mary Booth. “We were thrilled to present seven very successful members of the agriculture industry and show students how many options there are.”

President Stafford praised the professionals for their willingness to commit their time and energy to the benefit of NEO students. “Our presenters were traveling from around the state to show our students how integral agriculture is to the Oklahoma and national economy,” he said. “I am grateful for their support and thankful that they see the value in guiding the next generation of agriculture leaders.” In addition to the roundtable discussion, several speakers gave additional presentations to agriculture classes throughout the day. For more information on the NEO Agriculture Program, visit neo.edu/ag or call 918-540-6368.

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