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MLT Graduating Class Survey

Are you working in a laboratory setting?
Have you continued to advance your educational or professional qualifications?
Did you take the distance learning program?
How would you rate your curriculum and delivery in the program at NEO A&M?
Did the prerequisites (Chem, A&P, Micro) adequately prepare you for the MLT program courses?
Were the course instructions presented clearly?
Did you feel that the student laboratory sessions enhanced your learning of the course material?
Did you feel that you had been adequately prepared when beginning clinical practice?
Were your instructors at the hospital lab interested and enthusiastic about teaching you?
Were your instructors at the hospital lab knowledgeable enough to answer your questions and assist you during your training?
Was the training received from each medical technologist consistent in using standard operating procedure for each test presented?
Do you feel you were prepared to take the ASCP Board of Certification Exam?
Would you recommend the MLT program at NEO A&M for someone wanting to become a laboratory professional?
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