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Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College (NEO) and the NEO Development Foundation announced that the annual NEO Gala auction fundraiser will be held through an online format this year.  The in-person Gala event was cancelled due to Covid concerns, but we are excited about proceeding with the fundraiser.  Mobile bidding has proven to be quite successful over the past few years, raising funds to provide needed scholarships for our students. In addition, it has allowed us to highlight a particular program on campus each year. The online auction will begin on November 1, 2021 and close at midnight on November 7, 2021.  Additional details about the online auction will be released in the coming weeks.

Every year, the NEO Development Foundation raises money at the Gala to provide scholarships to students and support to a program on campus. This year the fundraising committee has selected to support the NEO Honors Program.  A portion of the proceeds from the online auction will provide student scholarships and financial support for the Honors Program to hold its first-ever study abroad trip to Italy in the Spring 2022.

The Honors Program began in December 2019 and has been a huge asset to NEO ever since. The Honors Program attracts high-achieving students and gives them opportunities they may not get elsewhere. Students selected for the Honors Program must meet a certain academic criterion to be accepted into the program and continue to meet other qualifications throughout their time at NEO.   “The Honors Program is honored to work with the NEO Development Foundation to raise funds that will continue to strengthen our growing program,” said Keeley Adams, Director of the NEO Honors Program. “This support will ensure that our students continue to receive enriched learning opportunities and exposure to a diverse selection of multicultural perspectives.”

Last year, the online auction was very successful in raising $35,000.  This year, the fundraising committee hopes to exceed that amount. Tommy Dodson, NEO Development Foundation Chair, and the entire Board of Directors are forever thankful for the support received from all donors who continue to help students, staff and NEO programs achieve educational goals and aspirations.     For more information please contact Shelby Saul at 918-540-6211 or Shelby.saul@neo.edu

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