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The Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) campus received several decorative improvements during the summer intersession in order to promote campus unity and increase excitement and awareness about NEO services and events. Through the combined efforts of the NEO Public Relations Department, the NEO Recruiting Office, President Jeff Hale, and the NEO President’s Partners, a variety of banners and displays now adorn the campus. “These new displays are meant to introduce students to campus services by meeting them where they are,” said Jennifer Walker, executive director of the NEO Development Foundation. “Banners around campus will also serve to promote school spirit, which is an important part of making students feel comfortable and engaged.”

As part of Dr. Jeff Hale’s desire to increase student awareness of NEO services, the first in a planned series of large format campus posters was installed on the east wall of Vann Hall. Advertising the Center for Academic Success and Advisement (CASA), the fourteen foot by twenty-four foot banner features NEO graduates and information about the services CASA offers, such as academic advisement, transfer guidance, and testing services. In the future, Dr. Hale would like to have several posters installed around campus promoting academics, athletics, and students services.

With the help of Allen Sign Studio in Miami, Okla., NEO also refaced a marquee in the middle of the campus mall. The previously electronic sign had laid dormant for several years due to a series of technological issues, but a conversion to an analog readerboard will allow administrators to make NEO students aware of important events on campus. The sign was also updated with the modern NEO logo and web address.

Also focused on increasing student awareness, both the NEO Development Foundation and NEO Recruiting Office have purchased Realtor-style sign frames that will be mobile throughout campus as needed. The plastic sealed sign casing will allow frequent printing of new designs for upcoming events and important student information, such as enrollment dates. Most recently, the NEO Recruiting Office used the signs to direct students to the proper locations for Student ID pickup.

Finally, NEO updated old and weathered lamppost banners around the perimeter of campus. The new banners sport the slanted NEO logo on blue, yellow, and grey backgrounds. The banners were coordinated to compliment the banners on the NEO mall provided by NEO President’s Partners two years ago. For more information, contact Jordan Adams at Jordan.m.adams@neo.edu. (Photos from top: Banner on Vann Hall,lamppost banners, realtor signs, NEO mall sign)

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