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NEO is open 7am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday, closed Friday.

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STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS: The college is rolling out a new ID Card effective immediately.  The old ID will no longer work.  Every student will need to be issued a new ID card. Students living on campus will need to:

1.      Check into housing to get your dorm assignment.

2.      Go to Campus Police to have your new card issued.  (If your card is issued before your dorm assignment is made you will need to return to campus police after the assignment is made so dorm access can be initiated on your card.)

3.      Go the Business Office to have your meal plan added.

Commuter students will need to:

1.      Go to Campus Police to have YOUR card issued.

2.      Go to the business office if you wish to purchase a commuter meal plan.

The card selected is a multi-purpose card.  In addition to serving as your student ID, the card will also serve as your dorm access card, and meal plan card.  If you choose, it will also function as a MasterCard debit card. Each card has several “wallets.”  The function of the wallets is explained below.

Meal Plan Wallet – Student Meal plans (commuter or residential) are store here.  When you enter the cafeteria, your card will be scanned.  As long as you have a valid meal plan you just proceed.  Until your account with the school is paid in full, meal plans will be set to expire every one or two weeks.  It is your responsibility to make sure your meal plan is current.  The staff in the business office can help you any time you have a question concerning your meal plan.

Sodexo Wallet – This is where your declining dollars associated with the meal plans reside.

Norse Bucks Wallet – You have the option to place funds in a wallet to be used anywhere on campus (Bookstore, Cafeteria, Snack Bar, vending, and campus printing or copying).

Print Wallet – Each semester NEO will place $5 in a wallet to be used exclusively for printing.  This is a “use it or lose it” wallet.

Herring Checking Account Wallet – Fund a wallet to be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted on or off campus.  This wallet is attached to a checking account at Herring Bank.  Funds may be placed in this wallet via the ODIN Card website http://odincard.com or utilizing the revaluation machine in the student union. If you have any questions concerning this new card please contact the business office.  We will be happy to help you.

FACULTY AND STAFF INSTRUCTIONS: Officials at NEO A&M College are currently in the process of implementing a new identification (ID) card effective immediately.  Former ID cards are no longer active. Every college employee will need to be issued a new ID card. Faculty and staff must choose one of two options for their new ID.

Option 1 MasterCard Debit Card – This is a photo ID card with a fully functioning debit card issued by Herring Bank. Individuals selecting this card will effectively open a bank account at Herring Bank, the card issuer.  This card will feature several “wallets.”

·         Meal Plan Wallet – Purchase a faculty/staff meal plan to be used in the student union

·         Sodexo Wallet – Fund a wallet to be used in the union and vending machines

·         Norse Bucks Wallet – Fund a wallet to be used on campus (bookstore, student union and the snack bar

·         Print Wallet – Fund a wallet to be used for printing and photocopying

·         Herring Checking Account – Fund a wallet to be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted on or off campus. (This would be useful to use for online purchases, because the individual could fund it only as necessary as opposed to using a primary checking account).

Option 2 Wallet Proxy Card – This is a photo ID which includes all of the above except the Herring checking account. If the user has no need for an additional checking account, this is the best option. Obviously, the issuance of new cards campus wide is a major undertaking. With that in mind, NEO administrators are asking faculty and staff to defer to the students with regards to getting a new ID.

Employees are asked to wait until the second week of school to get an ID, which would be greatly appreciated by NEO administration. If an employee needs it the first week of school, then stop by the ID station on the campus mall this Saturday, between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. during the Club and Community Fair. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mark Rasor at mrasor@neo.edu or 918-540-6213.

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