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The human resources department at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) and Catapult Health are hosting a free, on-site health checkup, and flu-shot vaccination for all full-time NEO employees and their spouses who carry the NEO Blue Cross Health Insurance plan on Oct. 27 and 28, 2014. The health checkups and flu shots will take place from 6:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the Bruce Carter Student Union says Evan Jewsbury, Director of Human Resources. NEO is also offering a $50 incentive for participation in the screenings this year.

What employees can expect:

• Preventive health checkup This checkup, similar to what one might receive at a doctor’s office, is designed to identify issues that may affect the individual’s health and help address those issues before they become serious. A blood test involves only a tiny finger prick. A small device is used (similar to what people with diabetes use daily) to get a couple drops of blood. The entire appointment takes only about 45 minutes and will be performed on-site at NEO for convenience.

• Fast (don’t eat or drink for eight hours) This is important: in order to give accurate readings, participants must not eat or drink anything (except water) for at least eight hours before the appointment. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take medications as prescribed. • Bring your physician information If participants provide the Catapult Health team with their physician’s full name, Catapult will send the results to the physician, so NEO employees won’t have to take the extra step, and if participants don’t have a doctor, Catapult will even help participants find one. What you will receive

• Professional care Participants will be seen privately by a licensed nurse practitioner and technician, who are trained to make it a positive and comfortable experience. Catapult Health has surveyed thousands of participants, and 99 percent rate their experience as outstanding or good. What you need to do

• Schedule an appointment NEO employees must make an appointment to participate in this free health checkup. Online scheduling is available. Just click on the link below, or paste the web address into your browser to schedule your appointment. www.timeconfirm.com/okstate

• Printed personal health report Participants will receive a full-color report of their checkup results and health recommendations that they can take home — during the appointment!

• Private health consultation Our nurse practitioner will review the results with each participant personally and privately, including recommendations and plans for a healthier life and referrals, if needed, for conditions that may need a doctor’s care.

Will my employer see my personal health report? No. Health checkups are strictly confidential. Catapult Health follows all federal and state laws for health information privacy.

Will I have to pay a deductible or co-pay? No. The cost of this checkup is fully covered by the employer or your company’s health insurance plan at no cost to participants.

Will you send my results to my doctor? When you give Catapult Health representatives the doctor’s name, Catapult will send checkup results to him or her free of charge.

What if I’m healthy? Why should I participate? A healthy lifestyle is a great way to help lower the risk for conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, but it’s no guarantee. Likewise, “feeling good” does not always mean everything is okay. For example, many people with high blood pressure feel fine and don’t know they have it. Early detection and prevention of potential health problems is what this checkup is all about. If participants are indeed healthy, this checkup will confirm it.

What if I’m pregnant? In this case, participants should visit their regular OB/GYN instead of participating in this health checkup. The tests need to be interpreted by the physician who is helping to manage the individual’s pregnancy.

Why is my employer offering this free checkup? Officials at NEO A&M College want faculty and staff to lead a happy and productive life. Good health is a major part of making that happen. Early detection and prevention of potential conditions will help assure that faculty and staff enjoy a better quality of life. Plus, good health will help both employees and NEO keep health costs and insurance premiums as low as possible in the long run.

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