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Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Northeast Tech have partnered to provide a seamless transition for Licensed Practical Nurse students to pursue the applied associate degree for Registered Nurses from NEO on the Northeast Tech Kansas campus. The application is now open and due Sept 23, 2022.

The NEO Associate Degree Nursing Fast Track program begins January 2023 with a capacity of 10 students. Students attend the Northeast Tech campus in Kansas, Oklahoma each Thursday for skills labs and examinations, and participate in clinicals every Friday at a partnering hospital. The program is offered in a hybrid format with both online and in-person instruction.

NEO’s nursing program dates back to 1975, and offers a traditional nursing program and fast track option at the Miami campus. The Northeast Tech partnership creates a second fast track program and expands our program to the Northeast Tech Kansas campus.

The fast track program at Northeast Tech is supported by one new full-time nursing faculty and one new adjunct faculty position. These faculty members teach classes, supervise clinicals, advise students, and coordinate program activities under the direction and supervision of the NEO Nursing department chair, Kathleen Norman.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Northeast Tech to provide students more options to earn their nursing degree,” said Jan Allen, NEO fast track nursing coordinator.

The application is open and is due September 23, 2022. You can find the application and additional details on the Nursing Associate Degree webpage.

As a matter of convenience, the expansion allows LPNs and paramedics living near the Northeast Tech campus to earn an associate degree in nursing without having to drive to the NEO campus in Miami. Students will be able to have the same fast track program experience at a different location.

For more information, please contact Jan Allen at jan.allen@neo.edu or 918-540-6473.

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