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NEO Agriculture provides many groups & teams for students to learn and compete at the highest level.

Equine judging team posing with awards

Horse Judging Team

The horse judging team is a co-curricular activity which provides students the opportunity to compete in national intercollegiate horse judging contests.

Rodeo team stands together


The rodeo team provides students the opportunity to compete in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA).

Livestock Judging team poses together

Livestock Judging

NEO is proud to have perhaps the most acclaimed, long-standing livestock judging program in the country.

Young farmers and ranchers stand together in front of a tractor

Young Farmers and Ranchers

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Collegiate Farm Bureau allows NEO students to get involved with events coordinated by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Neo aggie society members stand together on campus

Aggie Society

NEO’s Aggie Society encompasses any student, no matter the major, who has a passion for Agriculture! This club is one of the largest on campus and is heavily involved with Student Body Government Activities, community service events, cookouts, homecoming and so much more.

Ag ambassadors stand together

Ag Ambassadors

These are outstanding students who are selected to represent, recruit, and promote goodwill for the Agriculture Department at various college, state, and national functions.

An Ag Ed Club member works with young children

Ag Ed Club

NEO’s Ag. Ed. Club participates in numerous events including homecoming, Ag in the classroom, community service events, workshops and so much more!

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