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Campus parking

  • Student Parking is marked with yellow lines (park between 2 lines)
  • Faculty Parking is marked with white lines except at the NEO PD parking lot where all spots are painted white (park between 2 lines)
  • Decals are purchased in the Fall and Spring semesters for the calendar year.
  • Pay for the first decal and each additional decal for the Calendar year is free. (August 1 through July 31)
  • DO NOT transfer your decal between vehicles (decals are attached to a certain tag# & vehicle)
  • Parking decals are to be placed on the lower left hand corner on the outside of the back window or on the front fork left side of your motorcycle.
  • Decals can be purchased with a 30 day tag. Bring tag# in within the 30 days to avoid a fine.
  • Students will be ticketed if parking in Faculty, Police, Visitor or Handicap Parking (Handicap tag is specific to an individual, NOT A VEHICLE)
  • Faculty will be ticketed if parking in Police, Visitor or Handicap Parking. (Handicap tag is specific to an individual, NOT A VEHICLE)
  • Temporary Parking is issued to visitors. 

If you allow someone to borrow the vehicle registered to you and that vehicle is found in violation, you are liable for any fines assessed to that vehicle. Please inform your friends or parents of the parking rules.

Visitor parking

Visitors can park in any specified areas marked for visitors. Spaces are located directly in front of the Student Recruitment Office on the cul-de-sac between the Library-Administration Building and Copen Hall. If attending an event that provided a parking pass, place it on your dashboard.

Contact Department of Public Safety

Corner of 4th & I Street NE
Office: 918-540-6026
After hours: 918-533-1243

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