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James Mabon

Representative James Mabon, a representative in the fourth through the ninth Oklahoma legislatures, petitioned the state’s government to establish a college dedicated to the study of mining and metals to improve the development of Oklahoma’s mining industry. Mabon joined with Senator J. J. Smith of Miami to craft Senate Bill No. 225, which passed on March 17, 1919, officially establishing the Miami School of Mines, which later became NEO.

In honor of Rep. Mabon and Senator Smith, NEO selects the Mabon Award each year in coordination with Founders’ Day. This contest will provide up to $2,000 toward an on-campus improvement project submitted by a student, faculty, staff, or campus group.

Mabon Award Application

Mabon Award Application

Will there be matching funds for this project?

Itemized Expenses

If your project is chosen to receive funding, $2,000 from the Foundation will be provided to help fund your project. All funding must be used within 12 months of your project being chosen. Applications are due by March 17, 2023.

Shelby Saul
Shelby Saul Coordinator of Public Information & Marketing
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